HealThy Mouth System


The tools, education, and feedback necessary to effectively navigate to greater oral health even if you have advanced periodontal disease. MADE IN USA.


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If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease or have signs of advanced gum disease like receding gums, loose teeth, abscessed tooth or pus…

Here is the system that can provide you with the tools, education, and feedback necessary to stop the damage and in some cases actually help you reverse the damage in your own mouth!

Read Susan’s story to learn how she reversed a 10+ mm pocket to only 3mm!

The Challenge of stopping Periodontal Disease…

As you now know, when gum disease progresses unchecked it creates ever deeper gum pockets and is called periodontal disease or periodontitis.  These gum pockets allow the disease causing bad bugs to organize and do their dirty work under cover and protected from being bothered by normal brushing and flossing.  (Here’s an article that will help you have a solid fundamental understanding of how periodontal disease progresses and undermines our health.)

To effectively address periodontal disease, you need a tool that will reach into the bottom of the gum pocket and place an antibacterial solution at the base of the gum pocket!  Without a strategy to stop the infection at the base of deepening gum pockets, the ‘bad bugs’ implicated with periodontal disease will continue to undermine your health.

In fact, once gum disease creates pockets over 4mm deep, no toothbrush, floss, ‘Waterpik’, ‘Hydrofloss’ or mouthwash can stop it!

How effective is each oral hygiene tool at reaching into deep gum pockets to help restore health?

Pocket Depth Chart

How to Stop the Destruction

To stop periodontal disease requires:

  • The right tools
  • Coaching how to use the tools
  • Feedback whether what you are doing is working

The HealThy Mouth System delivers exactly:

  • the tools
  • the coaching
  • the feedback

you need to stop periodontal disease in your own mouth in the comfort of your own home!

What is included in the HealThy Mouth System?

The OraWellness Pocket Applicator

The OraWellness Pocket Applicator is the single most useful tool we have found to successfully stop bad bugs in deeply infected pockets at home.

The Pocket Applicator is the best tool available because it is specifically designed to reach into gum pockets. The OraWellness Pocket Applicator will give you the power to reach even the deepest gum pockets and kill the bacteria that cause gum disease. I saved my gums and teeth by using this tool!

The OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend

The OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend is an organic toothpaste alternative which helps create a healthy mouth by:

  • Supporting a healthier balance of microbes in the mouth
  • Keeping disease-causing bacteria from effectively attaching to your teeth
  • Soothing stressed out gum tissue so the body can heal

A 25 minute Educational DVD

will show you step by step how to use the OraWellness tools to help create lasting health in your mouth.

The DVD covers the following:

  • Getting to know your mouth (the most important step to begin to heal your mouth!).
  • How to make the antibacterial solution you will use with the pocket applicator.
  • Detailed explanation of how to use the pocket applicator.
  • The most effective tooth brushing technique for removing the bacteria that cause gum disease.
  • The most effective technique for cleaning the tongue of the bacteria that cause chronic offensive breath.

The HealThy Mouth Handbook (on CD)

The concise handbook that will teach you:

  • How to use the specific tools in the HealThy Mouth System
  • How to address gum disease from a whole body approach
  • How diet effects our ability to restore our mouths to health
  • How to navigate to greater life long health using both germ theory and cellular theory
  • How exercise plays into creating greater health and vitality
  • Specific ways to improve your sleep habits to increase healing

A Specially Designed Toothbrush

To be used with the bacteria removing brushing methods we teach in the DVD.

Although a ‘regular’ toothbrush can be used with the OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend, we encourage the use of the special toothbrush and brushing technique that most effectively disrupts and disorganizes the bad bugs.

OraWellness Tongue Cleaner

Keeping the tongue clean is a critically important piece to the path to a healthy mouth.  The tongue is a major breeding ground for microbes.  In fact, 85% of bad breath comes from the tongue.  Clean the tongue daily and say ‘good-bye’ to bad breath!

The OraWellness Mouth Map

The OraWellness Mouth Map is a discovery tool to help you better understand what is really going on in your mouth.

Supporting you on the road a healthy mouth! A crucial piece of the HealThy Mouth System, the Mouth Map provides you with a feedback tool so you can see with your own eyes how using the tools and techniques in the HealThy Mouth System is working to heal your mouth! Using the mouth map is a very important step in healing and maintaining a healthy mouth for life.

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At 70 years of age, Orawellness has given me a new lease on life, literally!

When I first discovered your company, I suffered from bleeding gums, periodontal disease, four deep pockets, my gums were receding, teeth were loose, and I clenched my jaw during sleep, injuring my cheeks as well as my teeth.

I purchased the HealThy Mouth System to get started. As I used the product, I immediately noticed that the bleeding gums was getting better. Soon, the bleeding stopped completely. I used your OraWellness pocket applicator to treat the stubborn deep pockets I had between my back molars. I had already tried many things to treat them, but with very limited success.  My teeth now feel very firm in my mouth, not loose like before. In fact when I floss now it is hard to get in between the teeth, they are so tight! Fabulous.

Then I noticed, my gums were regrowing, they were no longer receded.

And another thing, something that was totally surprising and unexpected. The pain from my rheumatoid arthritis was better. It became noticeably better right after brushing. If I missed a brushing, I noticed that the pain and discomfort was worse, so who knew! But a wonderful result none the same. And I should add that it continues to improve. What a wonderful blessing for an older person.

Oh, and I forgot to mention it, but it is no less important, I no longer clench and grind my teeth when sleeping!

Thank you so much for your wonderful products, research and teaching tools. I will be eternally grateful.

Laura HB from Arizona

I have successfully used the HealThy Mouth System with OraWellness support to address periodontal problems that my dentist recommended seeing a periodontist.

I have not had to see the periodontist since my dentist originally recommended that option.

Glenn S from Victoria, Australia

Your articles, videos and kit instructions are absolutely excellent. You explain concepts and principles behind your information, you engage in debate with professionals across other health fields, and I agree with one review you published that you are great educator.
I like your balance between alternative care and conventional care, presented without judgement. You are offering invaluable support to people who want to take responsibility for their own health, and I am so glad I found you.
Many thanks for your excellent products, kind hearts and smart brains.

Selina H from United Kingdom

I was just reading one of your articles about receding gums and noticed that you asked that if anyone had regrown their receding gums, that you would like to know about it.

Well, I am a person who has done that. And it was super easy! First I should tell you that I am 71 years old. I discovered your product about a year and a half ago. When I first found your product, I had loose teeth, periodontal disease, deep pockets, and receding gums. I had suffered from these problems for many years. No matter what I did, or what commercial products I used, I could not stop these problems. Keeping my teeth clean and flossed of course helped, but I still had the problems.

I was looking for ways to improve my dental health and I found your product. I immediately bought it and later bought the Bass toothbrushes when I found out about them (on your website) as well. I also bought the irrigating syringe to treat my pockets

Within a very short time, my teeth were no longer loose, the pockets were gone, and I noticed that my gums were less receded. I just couldn’t believe my eyes!

My gums have continued to improve and now I just no longer have any receded gums. No loose teeth, no periodontal disease, and no pockets.

I hate to admit that I had not been to the dentist in 6 years. When I returned last month, he was amazed. He said that my teeth were in extraordinary shape. I didn’t even have any plaque on my teeth!

So I wanted to let you know about this. Unfortunately, I don’t have any before and after pictures, but I hope my testimony will be helpful.

Thank you so much for creating and sharing this product with us.

Laura H from AZ

I started using OraWellness products a year ago. I have had serious periodontal disease for many years, complete with loose teeth, and I was told by my dentist that I needed three teeth pulled immediately, and that I would likely lose the rest of my teeth eventually.

After watching my boyfriend suffer with dentures (and eventually discarding them) I decided I didn’t want to go that route, and I searched on the internet for a solution, eventually finding OraWellness. After diving wholeheartedly into their protocol, I can say that I no longer have any pain, and my loose teeth have actually tightened back up in my gums!

I have not lost any of these diseased teeth. Thanks OraWellness!

Deanna E from California

My hygienist said yesterday during my teeth cleaning that I should be very proud.  “This is the best your gums and teeth have ever looked.”  Thank you for sharing with us what you have discovered with the world.  I owe it all to you!

Rosita R from Oregon

It’s been 8 months since I started the Orawellness program and had my 2nd cleaning this morning from my periodontist since starting the program. I was a bit concerned this morning as I had not been as diligent with the 7 nights a week pocket applicator due to the holidays,getting the flu and late night gigs so I didn’t know what to expect. I use only the Healthy Mouth blend anyway so I was super curious to see the results.

The hygienist began the probing and seemed to probe a bit deeper than the periodontist so I thought for sure my numbers were not going to change much. To my delight, there was not one 6 uttered from her mouth. My 6s are gone. I still heard some 5s and 4s but lots of 3s and 2s. I will get the chart emailed to me so I can do a comparative from my last cleaning in November 2015.

The periodontist wants me to continue on this path that I am doing as I’m getting great results with Orawellness.

Thank you both for breathing air on this planet and helping so many of us achieve the dental health we all so desire.

Tracy V from California

I have been using your Healthy Mouth Blend for over 2 years now.

Initially I also used the syringe with hydrogen peroxide/salt solution too. I now only use that very occasionally. When I went for a cleaning back in April, they said no new gum recession and that some of my pockets had actually decreased!

When I just went last week, she said my gum disease had completely stabilized and that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get them to bleed. “Whatever you’re doing keep it up! It’s working!” she said. I am thrilled!

She even looked at a tooth they’d previously told me would need a crown and said the tooth looks stable and fine. No crown needed at this time.

Sarah C from MA

I’m so happy with your products!

I thought I was doing well with my oral care until I went to the dentist and discovered I had beginning stages of periodontal disease. I’m all about going the natural route so your healthy mouth blend called out to me. I started using it about a year ago and my teeth have been feeling so much better.

I also bought the whole system and am seeing positive changes in my mouth as well as my sons who was having some issues with his gums they are no longer red and irritated and are now a healthy pink color.

I am planning on being a lifelong customer. Thank you!

Lucia M from WA

Having done periodontal treatments for the last year or so, I always felt like the treatments helped keep my gums stay clean for a day or two, then I was right back where I started no matter how often I brush, floss and maintain.

I received your OralWellness package and was excited to get started. Your regimen makes perfect sense!

I felt a difference fairly quickly and after a few days noticed an improvement in my overall health and cleanliness of my mouth. I think your product is very helpful, and I look forward to seeing the long term effects.

Raquel S from CA

Thanks for your great products.
I have periodontitis and receding gums. I have been using the Orawellness HealThy Mouth system for only a few days, with immediate results. My gums don’t really bleed much anymore and they are much less sensitive. I used to have to use a prescription strength fluoride toothpaste to keep the immense sensitivity down. Now, I don’t even need to use it.
I have also been using the periodontal applicator to apply an antibacterial solution into my gum pockets (I use a solution of grapefruit seed extract). I will keep using these products to support my goal of long-term oral health!
Thank you not only for your products, but even more for your information. I feel so much more informed and empowered about my oral health now! Before, I started to reach a state of hopelessness- my dentist and periodontist basically told me there wasn’t much I could do to stop the infection in my gums. Now, I am doing a bunch of research and learning more about how I can heal my mouth naturally.
I really appreciate your holistic and spiritual approach to create whole-body wellness, which includes oral wellness!

Cecily G from WA

So today I went to the dentist. I was kind of anxious nervous and excited. Since I’ve pretty much changed my whole dental routine, healthy mouth blend, bass brush, new floss, applicator each night…I was crossing my fingers big time. My husband knows how important this visit was to me too for my state of mind/motivation, etc.

so the hygienist was cleaning my teeth and she commented on how there was still a little build up here and there in a couple spots, but overall my teeth looked great and only bleeding in a small area or two.

When the dentist came in and saw my teeth he was surprised? Not the right word. Confused? curious as well. He looked around my mouth and said “hmmm..huh. Interesting” he was very interested in what I’d been doing! He said my gum color looked great, inflammation was down And I think he said somethings about my gums looking tighter. I was pretty much jumping for joy inside because I have made this such a priority

I wanted to tell you this good news because it’s because of your product and your dedication and your support. You guys are seriously awesome. I am not done with my journey but I know I have a really good start and for once, things will improve instead of continue to get worse!!

I didn’t know if this was possible before so thank you thank u. I felt hopeless about my oral health and I know I was not even worst case scenario but I could see into the future and it just seemed pretty hopeless. I’ve been using your stuff for about a month and a half and it’s not been without effort but it’s been worth every minute

Thanks again so much for everything you do.

Beth J from Snoqualmie, WA

At my last dental visit I was instructed to schedule an appt with a dentist who’s expertise is in periodontal disease, for possible gum surgery, etc. I also had a couple of teeth that were extremely sensitive, and nothing seemed to help. I was confused and wondering what I should do next. As a last resort, I sent a few questions to the folks at OraWellness, and to my surprise, got a QUICK response back…surgery that was being proposed by the dentist was explained to me in terms I could easily understand.

Keep in mind, I know the folks at OraWellness can’t give me dental advice – BUT they DID give me information so that I could make an informed decision! I learned of natural options to the condition my dentist had described, and immediately ordered the Healthy Mouth program.
After just a couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that I no longer have ANY tooth sensitivity at all! The gum tissue appears normal and healthy…and I really love the way this Bass toothbrush / Healthy Mouth Blend combination makes my mouth feel. I’ve started logging information on my TEETH, and now realize I have to become my own patient advocate in the area of oral wellness just as I do every other aspect of my health.

Jo P from Tennessee

I was having some gum problems that seemed to be getting worse. Visits to the dentist didn’t seem to help that much. My dentist even told me that’s the way it goes as we age and I’m 46. I’ve always been careful with cleaning my teeth and watching what I eat. Out of frustration I went online in search of information. That’s when I cam across your web site and read everything.

All your explanations made sense to me so I took the chance and ordered the whole kit. It’s now been a few weeks and my oral health has greatly improved. Swollen gums has reduced greatly. Loose teeth are a lot less loose and I think that will go away soon. My teeth are staying clean.

I love the tongue scraper and the healthy mouth blend. They are both awesome. I have recommended your web site and products to my family and friends. Orawellness has saved my teeth.

Que Tram N from Sunnyvale, CA

I ordered your heal thy mouth system after listening to the Jason Ferrugia podcast. The last time I went to the dentist they said some gums were inflamed and had receded more than the last check up. They even asked if I flossed, which I did twice a day, or if I was diabetic (not even close). When I asked for a solution they couldn’t offer any answers. They gave me a “don’t brush too hard” line. I knew something had to change.

After using your products I can say that I am looking forward to see what the dentist has to say in May. Some spots don’t bleed at all when I floss, my breath is fresh all day and in the morning when I wake up. The pocket applicator is great for my whole mouth. Tooth sensitivity is decreasing each day and that is giving me confidence that this is working. You guys have a lifelong customer for your products. Thank you.

Chris K from Grand Rapids, Michigan

I am very excited that my gums look and feel so much better!

I have a very large pocket over my front left tooth that has made it loose and started to look crooked ☹️ I’ve been using your system for 2 weeks and the pocket has gone down quite a bit and the tooth isn’t as loose.

And I see a big difference in my teeth being whiter.

I am optimistic that continuing this great product, I will have even better results soon! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Kasey W from Westminster, CA

I have been using the Heal Thy Mouth system… I’ll admit, I was a bit scared to use the applicator at first. I’ve had some painful tooth experiences and was afraid it might sting. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t hurt, I only had a slight ‘zing’ a few times.

I had a 10mm pocket next to a root canal tooth and it bled every time I brushed/flossed/water picked. It was my main issue but I used the whole mouth approach. I’ve used it daily and love it!

My mouth has never felt healthier! I wish I had know about this sooner, I know I could have saved myself pain and money!!! My teeth no longer bleed and I feel like this healing has been an answer to my prayers!!!

Thank you so much for this amazing product! I go to the dentist tomorrow and I’m excited to see if I have made progress on the depth of my biggest pocket!

Kelly S from Heath, TX

I love your products! Love the healthy mouth blend. Actually kills bacteria and keeps my breath fresh..I also use the applicator for the pockets in my gums..had done wonders…every time I goto the dentist, they always scratch their head saying how my pockets keep getting smaller ..which is rare she said. I totally recommend your products..they truly do wrk

Art O from California

So far, I really like how your products make my mouth feel.

I found out about your site because I am on a mission to try to save my teeth. I have severe periodontal disease and my dentist told me that most of my teeth should be pulled and replaced with dentures. After letting that news sink in, I realized I wasn’t ready to have most of my teeth pulled so I decided to make a serious effort to save them. I am not naïve to the fact that it may be too late but a girl’s gotta try.

I purchased the Healthy Mouth System and have only been using it for a couple of weeks My gums already look better and there is only a small trace of blood when brushing so I think things are looking up. I have a long way to go but if I can save some of my teeth, I will be happy.

Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge.

Amy B from Georgia

I bought your product to help my gum disease. I had pockets that were mostly 5-7 and even some at 9. I had bought another brand of oil tooth cleaner and it seemed to help a bit but I felt there was more I should be doing. I switched to your product and also got the full cleaning set with the syringe to clean between the teeth and gums.

I went back to the dentist and one tooth that I had had root canal on was still loose and so I had it extracted – but all the others are doing so much better. He re- measured all the pockets and they are now mostly 3 and only a few 5’s – I was so impressed.

I now have my husband and daughter using it and gave some to my father to try. I was really worried about having to have more teeth removed but I now have this situation under control – thanks so much.

Victoria M from Barraba, NSW, Australia

I can’t thank you enough. Your products have changed the state of the health of my teeth and gums within a few weeks of using the system.

I’m amazed and grateful.

Thank you!

John P from Dorchester, MA

I have only been using the healthy mouth system for a week now and my teeth looks whiter also my gum looks healthier.  I can’t wait to see the results after a month.

Amrita P from New York

Thank you both so much for sharing all that you have learned about oral health with the rest of us:)

I love the heal thy mouth blend! I also really enjoy how you break down the steps of working toward greater oral health in your video series. I have been learning a lot in the past eight years of my life about nutrition as my oldest son was diagnosed with some food allergies. I was amazed at how our families health changed as our diets changed. Your video series and the many articles you share through your website are helping me to connect the dots in how this all relates to our teeth.

I have been using your product now since December and I love how clean my mouth is left feeling after brushing with the blend of oils. And my teeth are getting whiter.


Amy B from Ontario, Canada

Wanted to let you know how much your advice and products have helped me.

I changed dentist (in UK) about a year ago and he told me I that I and bad gum disease. I have been regularly to my other dentist who just said my gums were ‘puffy’ ..

I looked gum disease up and started another well known technique for gum health, but I have a small mouth and couldn’t do it properly, so found your site and started using the oil and Bass technique about 6 months ago. Plus the applicator, but I didn’t want to use hydrogen peroxide, so I made a solution with the oil and colliadial silver instead. I did have to spend a lot of time doing it.

But On my last visit to the hygienist she said there was a great improvement and to carry on with what I was doing as it was working! So this is a big thank you.

Just the back ones to sort now.

Jacqui M from Clacton on Sea, Essex, United Kingdom

I want to thank you for putting this protocol all together. The information and products on your website are just wonderful and perfect for individuals life myself to take control of our health in a natural way.

I just started your Heal Thy Mouth System and have already notice results. I have taken advantage of your toothbrush give away and purchased 3 of your Orawellness Blend. Thank you for using all organic oils. An added plus. You walk your talk indeed.

Tammy A from Diamond Springs, CA

I have alot of deep pockets and no dental coverage so your product has been a life saver!

I absolutely love all of your products and the e mail stories , you have literally helped me keep my teeth and saved me hundreds at the dentist and with a protocol that makes good sense!

I highly reccommend your products and what they do to everyone!!!

Debbie J from Russellville, AR

I started the Healthy Mouth System a couple of days ago and can notice some changes already.

My gums has been receded and was just notified of gum disease. There’s something dramatic changes in my breath too. Very impressed!

Sonja L from Worcester, MA

I’m trying your products in hopes of minimizing 2 pockets I’ve had for a number of years that are currently 5’s. They never seem to get better so I decided the only true advocate for my welfare is me and I need to address this situation.

I have learned so much reading your website and materials. When I used the needle to rinse those pockets I was really surprised they bled so easily because I wasn’t in pain. Anyhow I am pleased with your products and look forward to my next cleaning appointment to learn what my efforts have accomplished. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

Debra M from Grand Rapids, MI