HealThy Mouth Blend

HealThy Mouth Blend


Address the root cause of all oral health issues by restoring the natural balance of microbes that live in our mouths.

Tooth decay and gum disease mean that our mouths are out of balance.  The HealThy Mouth Blend was formulated using plant essences that have been used in traditional medicine (some for thousands of years) to help restore the mouth to health.

  • Stop and even reverse gum disease by restoring balance in the mouth
  • Heal bad breath by addressing the root cause
  • Support stressed tissue to heal itself
  • Help remineralize tooth decay by increasing saliva production

Allergic to nuts? Try our nut-free HealThy Mouth Blend!  It's the same combination of essential oils to help you navigate to greater oral health, only in a base of organic jojoba oil instead of organic almond oil.


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How does the HealThy Mouth Blend help?

Restore the natural balance of microbes that live in our mouths.

Tooth decay and gum disease mean that our mouths are out of balance.  The HealThy Mouth Blend was formulated using plant essences that have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to help restore the mouth to health.

  • Stop and even reverse gum disease by restoring balance in the mouth
  • Heal bad breath by addressing the root cause
  • Stop tooth decay by making it more difficult for microbes to attach to the teeth
  • Support stressed tissue to heal itself
  • Help remineralize tooth decay by increasing saliva production

How do I use the Healthy Mouth Blend?

  1. When brushing…
    You can use HealThy Mouth Blend by itself or in addition to your regular toothpaste or tooth powder. Apply 3 or 4 drops of HealThy Mouth Blend onto your toothbrush and brush as usual. Remember, the bacteria that cause gum disease can double every 20 minutes! For best results, brush at least 2 minutes twice daily using the HealThy Mouth Blend.
  2. To eliminate chronic bad breath! We also highly encourage users to brush their tongues with the HealThy Mouth Blend after scraping the tongue with a tongue scraper to eliminate bad breath!
  3. As a mouthwash…
    Simply place 1-2 drops of HealThy Mouth Blend in a small amount of water and swish to reduce the bad bugs in the mouth, freshen the breath AND increase saliva production all at the same time.
  4. On Floss…
    Placing a drop between your index finger and thumb and running a piece of floss through the oils impregnates the floss with the antimicrobials in the HealThy Mouth Blend. Flossing with the HealThy Mouth Blend provides an even deeper method to get the antimicrobials deeper in the gum pockets especially between molars where gum disease gets going easiest!

Watch a short, instructional video tutorial which demonstrates these 4 powerful strategies how to use the Healthy Mouth Blend.

Nut-Free Formula

Now our popular HealThy Mouth Blend comes in a NUT-FREE version too! We created the NUT-FREE healthy mouth blend in response to customer requests to have a the same oral health supporting benefits of our HealThy Mouth Blend without exposure to nuts.  Same awesome formula, just with organic jojoba oil as the base.


Additional Information

Weight .1 lbs

Organic and wild crafted essential oils of: cinnamon leaf, peppermint, spearmint, clove, myrrh, and manuka in a base of certified organic almond oil (or certified organic jojoba oil for nut free version)


gluten free, soy free, GMO free, fluoride free, SLS free, glycerin free, and NO additives, toxins, ‘questionable ingredients’, or artificial anything! :)

How many bottles?

1 Bottle—Single, 3 Bottles—Buy 2, Get 1 Free, 7 Bottles—Super Saver 7-Pack, 12 Bottles—Best Value

Original or nut free formula?

Original, Nut-Free


I have been a happy loyal customer for a few years now.  What I love most is my dental appointments are extremely short!! There is very little scraping, no cavities, no problems of any kind. My dental hygienist is so thrilled when she sees me. She praises me and talks about how she is always so surprised to see such a clean mouth consistently!

Thank you so much!

Monica RMonica R from Tennessee

The Healthy Mouth Blend has removed tough stains from the surface of my teeth and stopped my gums from bleeding.

OraWellness is a prime example of a company that shows through their actions that they truly care about their customers.

Andre EAndre E from Pennsylvania

My daughter, Stacy, has had excellent results with your product. She uses it regularly and is a returning customer.

Our dentist is very impressed with the progress Stacy has made with her gums greatly improving and great checkups. The dentist went online, checked out your product, and ordered it for her daughter.

Cindy smile thumbnailCindy W (photo of Stacy) from Michigan

On recent business trip with my daughter, I noticed we were both using OraWellness products for brushing.

I’ve been using your products for several years and have given them to all my children and friends who are having dental issues. I really have confidence in its ability to clean without the toxic ingredients of toothpaste.

I’m also so appreciative of the tooth saving information I’ve received from the Orawellness website. It has helped me to sort thru the often erroneous information about dental health that exists out there.

Lyn RLyn R from Utah

I am so thrilled with your product, Healthy Mouth Blend!

In October of 2015, I went to a periodontist who said I needed $14K worth of dental surgery. I was so upset, but knew my gums were not in good shape.

I stopped using my electric toothbrush, started using your Healthy Mouth Blend, using a water pik, and your toothbrush. I also used coconut oil with the Healthy Mouth Blend every morning.

I didn’t go back to the dentist for almost 10 months and I was terribly nervous about going back. I had very little tartar (I used to have to go to the dentist every 4 months for tartar build up), no gum bleeding, and my gums look much healthier!

I was so grateful and happy that I was able to heal this naturally and without costly and painful gum surgery! Thanks for all that you do!

Cathy Moras 630108a51db2b3ec0ad3a36bbf8de5c5Cathy M from Michigan

Once I started using a Bass Toothbrush, I realized would never be able to go back to a conventional toothbrush. It made me realize how much damage I was doing when trying to keep my mouth healthy. The conventional toothbrush has been so devastating to my gums and OraWellness taught me how aggressive I’ve been to my mouth!  My dentist even commented that he wished he had my gums!

I am a Nutritional Therapist and I recommend your website, Bass Toothbrush and Healthy Mouth Blend all the time.

Thank you!

Lois PLois P from Colorado

At 70 years of age, Orawellness has given me a new lease on life, literally!

When I first discovered your company, I suffered from bleeding gums, periodontal disease, four deep pockets, my gums were receding, teeth were loose, and I clenched my jaw during sleep, injuring my cheeks as well as my teeth.

I purchased the HealThy Mouth System to get started. As I used the product, I immediately noticed that the bleeding gums was getting better. Soon, the bleeding stopped completely. I used your OraWellness pocket applicator to treat the stubborn deep pockets I had between my back molars. I had already tried many things to treat them, but with very limited success.  My teeth now feel very firm in my mouth, not loose like before. In fact when I floss now it is hard to get in between the teeth, they are so tight! Fabulous.

Then I noticed, my gums were regrowing, they were no longer receded.

And another thing, something that was totally surprising and unexpected. The pain from my rheumatoid arthritis was better. It became noticeably better right after brushing. If I missed a brushing, I noticed that the pain and discomfort was worse, so who knew! But a wonderful result none the same. And I should add that it continues to improve. What a wonderful blessing for an older person.

Oh, and I forgot to mention it, but it is no less important, I no longer clench and grind my teeth when sleeping!

Thank you so much for your wonderful products, research and teaching tools. I will be eternally grateful.

Laura HLaura HB from Arizona

I love the healthy mouth blend! So convenient all-in-one product, and natural too. An easy small change to make with a big health impact… Thanks so much!

ZTZia T from , New Zealand

I used to have bleeding gums and sensitive teeth

And now I’m elated to report shiny, white, plaque-free teeth using your natural HealThy Mouth Blend and simple Bass brush!

I appreciate your quality products and your company, particularly how you focus on educating about optimum oral care.

Nell ANell A from Washington

The taste of the HealThy Mouth Blend is a positive way to start the day – it puts me in a good mood when I brush!

KristaKrista S from British Columbia, Canada

I have three bridges in my mouth due to poor oral health as a child. Now at 64 my dentist noticed that the teeth holding the bridges were starting to move.   I was sent to a periodontist to have my teeth planed, at the cost of $9000.00.  I found OraWellness then and have been using their products for a year now.

Since using the HealThy Mouth Blend my teeth need minimal cleaning at the dentist.  You have saved me from losing my teeth.  Thank you!

Beverly CBeverly C from Washington

Nothing comes between my Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend and brush every morning and night 🙂

Ever since I started using the Healthy Mouth Blend I have no more tooth sensitivity that I was getting from the stuff full of chemicals.  I love it – fresh breath and no preservatives or ingredients that you cannot pronounce.  Great job!!

Heidi FHeidi F from Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for your product, the healthy mouth blend.  I went to the dentist after 3 weeks of use and they said my mouth has never looked better.  The hygienist was “annoyed” because I didn’t leave anything for her to scrape off.  Fantastic!

megan gMegan G from Arizona

I wanted to let you know I just had my first dentist appointment where I had no new cavities! Thanks to you guys!

Dr. Robin S from Seattle, Washington

At a recent dental appointment, my hygienist said I had the healthiest gums she had ever seen!

Since I had never heard that from her before, I’m confident that using OraWellness for the past 2 years has helped me achieve my healthiest gums! 🙂

SSSam S from Colorado

I am in my mid-40s and had experienced daily gum bleeding and tooth sensitivity due to gum recession for over half my life.

Using the protocol of OraWellness tooth cleaner, oil pulling, and flossing every day, I no longer suffer from any gum bleeding or tooth sensitivity. In fact, it appears as though my gums have begun to regenerate.

As for the rest of my family, my husband loves the clean-mouth sensation of your product and my 4 year-old loves to brush his teeth with the Bass toothbrush. (See photo 🙂

Thank you OraWellness for your wonderful products and customer service!

Lara TLara T from Portland, Oregon

After my first time using your products, I immediately noticed my teeth felt cleaner and my gums not bleeding!

My teeth have also improved since first using it over 1 year ago! My teeth no longer ache when I eat cold or hot things, and my breath is fresher than ever!

Melissa CMelissa C from Washington

Once you begin using this product you won’t want to ever use anything else!

For the first time in years there is no inflammation or soreness in my mouth.

Best investment ever!

Michelle smile thumbnailMichelle C from Colorado

I have been using this product for about six months. Taste is great.

I really didn’t expect too much but decided to continue using it until my next dental cleaning. When I went in, the dental hygienist told me that I hardly had, if any, plaque on my teeth and that she was just doing the routine cleaning because I was there.

She said my teeth were so clean. Then……. she flossed, the true test was about to begin.

My gums, for as long as I can remember, ALWAYS bleed. I do not floss myself, and hate to admit that, but I HATE flossing and NEVER do. She asked me if I had been flossing and I told her the truth, that I have not been. She had the most surprised look on her face and said “Are you kidding me? Your gums look so healthy and there was no blood!

Needless to say, I was shocked and will never stop using this product! That was the best dental appointment I have ever had.

Alana E from NC

I’d just like to say that I love the product. My mouth has never been cleaner and healthier. The thing that is really impressive is that, my dentist was very skeptical at first. I knew the oils would be great since I’m familiar with the power of essential oils.

So, I continued on, and now he can’t believe it. He went on and on at my last appointment saying how great my mouth looked and how he was so impressed and to keep it up…And he knows what a mess my mouth has always been, since he’s my dad. 🙂

Thanks for the work you are doing!

Kristen from Michigan

I was dealing with sore gums, loose teeth, discoloration and sensitive molars.  I thought my diet was healthy and that my oral care was good but my dental visits showed otherwise. I began incorporating your HealThy Mouth Blend every evening on my floss.  Since then, my gum pockets have gone from 3-4s down to normal, my sensitivity and loose teeth have disappeared, and my teeth feel polished and fresh!

My husband, parents, sister and mother-in-law now use the HealThy Mouth Blend too. Thank you for sharing your high-quality products, experience and research with us!  Orawellness, I am so grateful to have found your site and products!

Jenny D croppedJenny D from Austin, TX

I have been using your Bass brush and healthy mouth blend…I just got back from my regular dental checkup and they were PLEASED at how well I’m doing…!!!

YES YES YES no coming back before next 6 month checkup….!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO OraWellness!!

Jo P from Tennessee

Brushing my two year-old girl’s teeth with HealThyMouyh drops on her toothbrush and having her continue swishing for ten minutes afterward, cleared up her gingivitis in just three days. No more bleeding painful gums! We have also been doing oil pulling and limiting sugar.

At her visit to a wonderful new holistic dentist this week, we were told that my girl is a classic example of successful remineralization and her cavities are no longer in active decay. Glad that we found an alternative to the sedation another dentist recommended. Thank you for supporting our journey to healthy teeth and gums!

Grace C from Pennsylvania

It’s been 8 months since I started the Orawellness program and had my 2nd cleaning this morning from my periodontist since starting the program. I was a bit concerned this morning as I had not been as diligent with the 7 nights a week pocket applicator due to the holidays,getting the flu and late night gigs so I didn’t know what to expect. I use only the Healthy Mouth blend anyway so I was super curious to see the results.

The hygienist began the probing and seemed to probe a bit deeper than the periodontist so I thought for sure my numbers were not going to change much. To my delight, there was not one 6 uttered from her mouth. My 6s are gone. I still heard some 5s and 4s but lots of 3s and 2s. I will get the chart emailed to me so I can do a comparative from my last cleaning in November 2015.

The periodontist wants me to continue on this path that I am doing as I’m getting great results with Orawellness.

Thank you both for breathing air on this planet and helping so many of us achieve the dental health we all so desire.

Tracy V from California

I’m so very happy with this product. I ordered it to get a fresher, cleaner taste in my mouth and to help my breath, which it has more than lived up to this expectation.

But, in addition to that, the whiteness of my teeth and the feeling of how clean my mouth feels is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s wonderful. I don’t use it as a rinse, I just put a couple of drops on my toothbrush with my toothpaste and it does the trick!

Thank you for such a wonderful product! I’m so glad I took a chance and ordered it! 🙂

Janet J from Oklahoma

I’ve used about three bottles of the Healthy Blend. During my latest biannual visit to the dentist for a cleaning, they said my gums did not bleed and that my teeth/gums were in the best shape they had ever seen!

I love using the Healthy Mouth Blend on my floss — I love the tingling feeling afterwards and the areas of sensitivity are now gone.  And whereas flossing use to feel like a chore, now it feels good to know I am taking good care of my gums/teeth.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. The dentist did not believe me when I told them about Healthy Mouth Blend though, even when I had brought the bottle to show them.

Jeannie L from New Mexico

I got a ‘thumbs up’ from my dentist!
My gums are a lot better after using the OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend.
Oh, and my teeth are even whiter! yayyy!!!

Rick BRick B from Dallas, Texas

I love all the products you offer…my oral health has improved dramatically! Even my hygienist has asked me what I’ve been doing cause my improvement is unheard-of she said 🙂 I would love to see your product in Whole Foods!

Thanks again for such awesome products ! I’m a customer for life!

Art O from Michigan

Up until a year ago I dreaded going to the dentist. She would always make me feel awful about my gum recession that in her words was “far too advanced for a woman in her mid-thirties.” She would snap at me: “How much soda do you drink?”, “How much candy do you eat?” None and none were my answers, but she didn’t believe me.

For three years I tried everything they suggested to help my recession, as well as special diets, to no avail. Enter OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend. I can’t believe what a few drops of this oil, a few times a day has done for my teeth and gums: no more scary gum recession, no more sensitivity to hot and cold, no more gritty feeling on my teeth. no more awful taste in my mouth when I wake up.  At my last check-up she said, “You have really healthy gums!”

Thank you for your wonderful product and invaluable information!

Shawna B from Wyoming

I’ve been very pleased with your products. My mouth feels very clean and fresh and my gums already look better.

The orawellness blend is also very effective on cold sores. A drop rubbed on a cold sore a few times a day shortens the healing time significantly.


Angela E from Virginia

As I read up on all the procedures I have had done over the years, it makes me so upset that this info wasn’t available back then. I have so many root canals, crowns, a bridge & fillings. I have had periodontal work & both the dentist & periodonist want to do gum grafting.

Now I have begun to rethink and have not gone in that direction. Last time I had my teeth cleaned, she said they looked great. It is working!!!!

Jane S from Rhode Island

I’m delighted with the improvements in my dental health since discovering your website and using your products. I have almost eradicated my gum disease, the gum pockets are receding, and I feel my oral health is back in my own hands.
The oil blend makes my mouth feel so clean, and the bass brush is so simple and I believe effective.


Selina H from , United Kingdom

There’s so much to love with your the HealThy Mouth Blend. I’ve been using the blend with a Bass toothbrush and never before has my mouth felt so clean. I love that I’m not using harmful chemicals to clean my teeth.

I’ve got my husband and teen girls using it now too. I have noticed a big difference in my gums since I’ve been using this blend on my floss and as with a daily gum massage. My mouth looks fabulous and I feel more confident. Thanks for a superb product!!!

Also the packaging is great, I find so many uses for the old bottles, unlike commercial tubes of toothpaste, that just get thrown away.

Amanda H from Illinois

I love everything about your products! I panic when I am nearly out!

My daughter uses the healthy mouth blend and toothbrush as well! We love how genuinely clean our mouths feel and as a mom I appreciate the fact that it couldn’t be any more natural!!! I love that I don’t have to worry about hidden harmful ingredients.

Thank you so much for your sincere dedication to make such wonderful products!!!

I also enjoy and fully appreciate the informational emails and videos.

Trisha H from Washington

I love your OraWellness product! The essential oils have really helped decrease plaque on my teeth, with very little work for my 6 month checkup!

I recommend your product to all my patients, especially those with TMJ or intestinal issues.

Thank you for creating this!

Veronica S from Massachusetts

Your product is the bomb. I’ve let two family members use this for tooth aches and it stopped it immediately.

Winston L from

I had no complaints about my old electric toothbrush but when I learned about the Bass method it made sense. It’s not so much the broader surfaces that are at risk, it’s the gum-line and pathways of bacteria that lead from there I should concern myself with. Where I tried and tried with my bulky electric spinning brush to stimulate my gums more often than not they bled.

I’m surprised at how much I look forward to brushing my teeth. I notice my mouth feels fresher, and my smile brighter. I like the Orawellness drops much better than my old products. I look forward to learning whether my dental hygienist notices any difference. I’m very happy I jumped on board and ordered your products. Thank you.

Sydney D from California

I just want to give you a hearty THANK YOU for your Healthy Mouth Blend. For years I have been plagued by ‘bad bugs’ and the consequences have been brutal in a social setting.

I cannot believe how great this stuff has worked after only 2 days. It is truly life changing. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Mark G from Washington

I love this product. I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks now, but already my gums look healthier and no bleeding. Besides brushing and flossing with the oil, I also put a couple of drops on a Q-tip and rub it all around my gum line afterwards.

Looking forward to even more progress!! Thanks for a wonderful product.

Mary H from Florida

I have been using your special Toothbrush, HealThyMouth Blend and Tongue Cleaner for about 2 weeks now and I have already started seeing great results regarding my gingivits and bad breath in my mouth. Your products are simply awesome. I realize that I am looking forward to brush my teeth with your Healthy Mouth Blend now and it gives me a great sense of freshness in my mouth. I wish I could find you earlier 😉

I will definitely recommend your products to all my friends and people who complain about their mouth health.

Thank you very much for your help to recover my mouth health 🙂

Safak K from , Dubai

For the first time, my dentist commented that my gums look pink and healthy and for the first time I had very little plaque to scrape off.

What a delightful dental visit. I know for sure that it was a result of following your wonderful guidance and using HealThy Mouth Blend.

Gail M from North Carolina

First of all, I love the tooth brush, I’m very picky about my toothbrushes. My mouth feel much cleaner after brushing in a short time with the way you showed on the video.

I was skeptical when I read a review of someone who shared brushing with the oil even, she feels her teeth got whiter.  But now I agree to that!

I love coffee and tea, which stains teeth. I still drink them, but I noticed a few weeks ago my teeth looks whiter.

I will see what my hygienist say on next visit, I’m more confident to deal with her.

Ichiko G from Illinois

I have had chronic bad breath for years, not just in the morning, even though I brushed and flossed with “natural” toothpaste religiously at least 3 times a day.

I don’t know how to begin saying how much I LOVE your products! I followed your directions at bedtime on the day my order arrived and my husband commented the next morning that I had ZERO morning breath!

It is gone just like that!

Krista C from British Columbia, Canada

I just love your toothbrushes and the Ora Wellness Blend. I got toothbrushes for my whole family! They work really well and they are small enough to get to hard to reach areas in the mouth.

I just love the blend as well! I use it to brush with and as a mouth wash throughout the day. My breath is so refreshing after I use it and my mouth feels so clean as well. Knowing it has great ingredients makes me feel so comfortable.

Kerenza D from Michigan

I came across your product when researching teeth sensitivity. I had just returned from the dentist who treated my sensitive tooth by drilling and putting on some filling material. It must have hit a nerve and my teeth were even more sensitive than ever.

I was skeptical but gave the heal thy mouth liquid a try. After using it one week, my teeth feel less sensitive and seem whiter. at the same time, I’ve ordered another remineralization liquid which actually makes my mouth burn (I have a sore). So I’m sticking with OraWellness. I also love the Bass toothbrush and will order more.
I plan to continue to use your products long term. Thank you!

Kelly W from , Hong Kong

I love Orawellness! I have to admit, I don’t floss as much as I should. I was having problems with bleeding gums quite frequently, but after using the healthy mouth blend with the bass toothbrush for just a few weeks, I stopped bleeding when brushing!

I’ve been using for the past couple years now and will never go back to toothpaste. I put bentonite clay on my brush with 3 drops of healthy mouth blend and my mouth is in great shape. Perfect marks at the dentist!

Julia M from Garner, NC

Elated to report shiny, white, plaque-free teeth using your natural HealThy Mouth Blend and simple Bass brush!

I used to have bleeding gums (from brushing with conventional products) and sensitive teeth (from using whitening strips that were actually painful and caused my teeth and gums to ache).

Another bonus was in learning about the INTERNAL damage of sugar on the teeth (from your enlightening videos). This led to more mindful choices.


Nell A from Lafayette, LA

I have been very pleased with your HealThyMouth Blend. Using it to floss was making my gums much less sensitive.
Last year my hygienist said I had a scar on a gum on a back upper molar that was hurt somehow and healed. So in just a few days I see improvement.
Also, not the least, is the reassuring I feel from your commitment to oral wellness, no hype.

Luc C from , Canada

The Best Tooth Care Products We’ve Ever Used!

The drops keep our mouths clean and fresh, and the Bass toothbrush does the best job of gently and effectively cleaning our teeth.


While traveling recently, I got a nasty canker sore.  Given that I always travel with my Healthy Mouth Blend, I decided to see how my trusty blend would help.

It was amazing!  Not only did the pain reduce immediately but the canker sore healed in a fraction of the time it normally would have taken to heal.  Thank you for making such an amazing product!

Jan S from New York

I’ve been using your product for about 2 years and really notice a difference with my dental checkups, as well as after my dental routine.
I use the oil on the floss, then on my toothbrush, and then in my gargle rinse. I’ve already got 2 of my friends to try it and they loved it so much we went in on a group order.
Thank you so very much for sharing this product and educating us on alternatives to commercial products that destroy our health.

Diana D from San Francisco, California

I have noticed my mouth feeling cleaner, my teeth look whiter, and I’ve noticed a difference with my teeth.

I’ve noticed some shifting prior to adding the HealThy Mouth blend. While I still notice some shifting feeling, my teeth feel better and stronger.

Ashton W from Troutman, North Carolina

So I added 2 drops to Toms mouthwash that has zinc. The next morning I realized plaque did not stick to my teeth, A M A Z I N G. And my breath stays fresh longer. Toms alone never kept plaque away so I know it is adding the drops.

The tooth brushes are amazing. I walk and brush for 20 minutes and whereas the germs use to appear immediately they are kept at bay for much longer periods of time

Debra T from Alexandria, VA

I love your Healthy Mouth Blend. I use it on my floss, my toothbrush and as a mouthwash. And it helps to keep my wisdom tooth under control.

Sue M from Hereford, Herefordshire, United Kingdom

The biggest difference with using the Orawellness products is my teeth are no longer sensitive to hot and cold. I use the Healthy Mouth Blend alone, with my toothpaste and apply to my dental floss.

Rinda P from Marathon, TX

I love the taste of the HealThy Mouth Blend. Mostly I love the feel of my teeth and gums afterwards.

I use all of the products. I recommend it to everyone I know.

Cherie M from Sarasota, FL

I love Heal Thy Mouth as my “toothpaste”.

Thanks for giving so many educational articles. I have started to slide my floss through some in my hand before flossing. I also started doing the Mouth Probiotics swish, and Oil Pulling, thanks to your articles and videos.

Allyson G from Bryson City, NC


Can I use the HealThy Mouth Blend as a mouthwash? (Should I use mouthwash?)

Definitely! In fact, we encourage those who prefer to use mouthwash to simply make their own by putting 1­ or 2 drops of HealThy Mouth Blend into an ounce of water and swishing.

Many mouthwashes on the market contain chemicals like alcohol, which have been proven to dry out mucous membranes in the mouth and actually contribute to gum disease.

In contrast, our HealThy Mouth Blend promotes more saliva production, which is very beneficial to maintaining a healthier oral ecology free from the microbes responsible for tooth decay and gum disease.

Here’s a link to a short video that explains the four main ways to use our HealThy Mouth Blend, including how to use it as a mouthwash.

Also, our article Is the Key to Greater Oral Health Already In Your Mouth? examines the importance of saliva, and explains a strategy we can use to maximize the benefits of saliva for our oral health.

Do I need to rinse after using the HealThy Mouth Blend? Is it safe to swallow?

It’s really up to you whether or not you want to rinse after using the HealThy Mouth Blend. Since the ingredients are simply organic and wild crafted essential oils in a base of certified organic carrier oil, there is no need to rinse.

That said, plant essences are powerful compounds and we recommend that each of us respect this power. Yes, we have swallowed the HealThy Mouth Blend many times and found no harm from doing so. But since the HealThy Mouth Blend was formulated to help the mouth, we find it wise to rinse or spit after using the blend.

Do I use the HealThy Mouth Blend with paste or as a stand-alone product?

It’s really up to you, and you have a lot of options.

You can use our HealThy Mouth Blend WITH your normal toothpaste, by itself INSTEAD of your toothpaste, with some baking soda or tooth powder to offer some abrasive, with organic coconut oil instead of toothpaste (yum), with homemade toothpaste, etc. It’s really pretty versatile, and the choice is yours.

Here’s some information on the role of each of the Ingredients in the HealThy Mouth Blend, and here’s an article we wrote on How to Determine if a Toothpaste Ingredient is Safe To Use In the Mouth.

Whichever way you choose to use it, the HealThy Mouth Blend helps our mouths feel clean, smell great, and stay healthy.

Does the HealThy Mouth Blend have an expiration date? What is the shelf life?

Our HealThy Mouth Blend does not have a set expiration date. Its shelf life depends on how it is stored.

Unopened bottles of our HealThy Mouth Blend will maintain their potency literally for years provided you store them wisely. The three factors that can weaken essential oils are: direct sunlight, heat, and open air.

So, as long as you store them in their original packaging, away from sunny windowsills, in a cool place (so definitely NOT over your stove or on your car dashboard 🙂 ), and with the lid on the bottles, they will remain effective for many years.

Opened bottles of our HealThy Mouth blend should also be stored away from sunlight and heat. It’s best to use the bottle of our blend within one year of opening it, and to keep the lid on it when you’re not using it. As we mentioned, essential oils lose their strength through air exchange. This is why our bottles of HealThy Mouth Blend have plastic ‘euro dropper’ inserts for dispensing the product – this style of top keeps the air exchange to a very minimum.

Does the HealThy Mouth Blend kill the good bugs too?

The path to optimal oral health sometimes requires that we ‘rebalance’ the populations of microbes in our oral micro­biome. The bottom line is 98% of Americans have some form of active oral disease. This means that most of us have mouths where disease-causing microbes are running the show. In these cases, the path to optimal oral health requires action to rebalance and create a healthy environment.

While we chose the ingredients in our HealThy Mouth Blend based on their ability to target specific ‘bad bugs’ implicated with gum disease and tooth decay, other microbes are affected too. The good news is that our bodies have a natural ability to repopulate the good guys via saliva.

Our article Is the Key to Greater Oral Health Already In Your Mouth? explains the importance of saliva. It also contains a video that demonstrates a powerful strategy to maximize the benefits of saliva for our oral health.

How big is the bottle?

We use 1/2 ounce (15ml) amber glass bottles for our HealThy Mouth Blend, which generally ends up lasting 2­ to 3 months for one person if used as suggested.

How long does one bottle last?

One bottle of HealThy Mouth Blend is 1/2 ounce (15ml), and contains approximately 452 drops (give or take a few drops).

One bottle generally lasts one person 2­ to 3 months. That said, how long a bottle lasts is really up to you, as it’s all based on how many drops you apply per use and how many different ways you’re using it (brushing, flossing, swishing, etc.).

We’ve heard from one young family on a budget who stretched a bottle 6 months for their whole family!