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The way we brush our teeth has an impact on our overall health.  The tools we choose to use can make all the difference whether brushing is a health-giving habit or a habit that may cause harm.

Statistics show that brushing too hard can lead to:

  • gum recession
  • loss of enamel
  • sensitive teeth and gums

That’s why we love our Bass toothbrushes.  They are gentle, nonabrasive and do a wonderful job keeping your teeth and gums healthy and clean.

What makes our toothbrushes a wise choice?

  • Better design – the design of our toothbrushes has been clinically proven to effectively reduce gum disease
  • Better materials – made from BPA-free plastics in the USA

What makes our brushes different?

  • shorter handle forces us to rethink how we use the toothbrush
  • spaced out bristle tufts allow for the bristles to wiggle into gum line more effectively (allows us to disrupt and disorganize bad bugs that cause gum disease)
  • rounded bristle tips make sure you are gently massaging gum tissue rather than assaulting sensitive gum tissue.
  • made from BPA-free plastics
  • made in the USA


How do you brush with a Bass toothbrush?

Clinical research has proven that the Bass brushing technique reduces the risk of gum disease.  Here’s a quick video that details the history of Dr. Bass and demonstrates the Bass brushing technique.




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Adult, Junior, Family Pack


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I am so thrilled with your product, Healthy Mouth Blend!

In October of 2015, I went to a periodontist who said I needed $14K worth of dental surgery. I was so upset, but knew my gums were not in good shape.

I stopped using my electric toothbrush, started using your Healthy Mouth Blend, using a water pik, and your toothbrush. I also used coconut oil with the Healthy Mouth Blend every morning.

I didn’t go back to the dentist for almost 10 months and I was terribly nervous about going back. I had very little tartar (I used to have to go to the dentist every 4 months for tartar build up), no gum bleeding, and my gums look much healthier!

I was so grateful and happy that I was able to heal this naturally and without costly and painful gum surgery! Thanks for all that you do!

Cathy M from Michigan

Ever since I started using OraWellness, I have yet to have another cavity when I go to the dentist.

My teeth are white, but more importantly they are healthy–I no longer have that stinging when drinking cold liquids. I have always been extremely careful of my teeth and follow a strict regiment which used to include expensive toothpaste with I am sure plenty of chemicals. Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

Karolena S from TEXAS

I love OraWellness! Their products and information have made a big difference in my oral health.

I’ve suffered with receding gums for years and had tried everything my dentist suggested. None of it helped.

Since I’ve started brushing with the Heal Thy Mouth blend and the Bass brush and doing oil pulling in the morning, my teeth are cleaner, my breath is better, and my gums are happier than they have been in a long time.

In fact, after my last dental visit (something I always dread), I actually came out smiling because I was told my teeth and gums looked great.

Lynn C from Washington

Although I am not the most beautiful or the most fancy of women, you have given me the courage to smile again in public.

I have crooked teeth and a jaw that slants, but I also have stronger teeth and gums using your Healthy Mouth Blend, the special brush, and we are using your Shine remineralizing tooth whitening powder. We also take Liquid Vitamin D3 with K2, as your video suggests. Plus, we are on a low phytic acid diet and exercise daily.

Today I have returned from my regular dental cleaning with 2’s & 3’s, AND the area of concern (#3) seems to be healing. I may not need a filling in that tooth. I know this is a result of your products. Especially your new Shine.

Please continue to make these greatly needed health products! Thank you for communicating clearly, gracefully, and with such concern about dental health. My life is improving with your guidance. I truly feel stronger. I am practicing having my picture taken with an open smile now, something my grown kids are in awe over. Thank you!

Debbie E from Maple Grove, MN

I used to have bleeding gums and sensitive teeth

And now I’m elated to report shiny, white, plaque-free teeth using your natural HealThy Mouth Blend and simple Bass brush!

I appreciate your quality products and your company, particularly how you focus on educating about optimum oral care.

Nell A from Washington

Once I started using a Bass Toothbrush, I realized would never be able to go back to a conventional toothbrush. It made me realize how much damage I was doing when trying to keep my mouth healthy. The conventional toothbrush has been so devastating to my gums and OraWellness taught me how aggressive I’ve been to my mouth!  My dentist even commented that he wished he had my gums!

I am a Nutritional Therapist and I recommend your website, Bass Toothbrush and Healthy Mouth Blend all the time.

Thank you!

Lois P from Colorado

I am in my mid-40s and had experienced daily gum bleeding and tooth sensitivity due to gum recession for over half my life.

Using the protocol of OraWellness tooth cleaner, oil pulling, and flossing every day, I no longer suffer from any gum bleeding or tooth sensitivity. In fact, it appears as though my gums have begun to regenerate.

As for the rest of my family, my husband loves the clean-mouth sensation of your product and my 4 year-old loves to brush his teeth with the Bass toothbrush. (See photo 🙂

Thank you OraWellness for your wonderful products and customer service!

Lara T from Portland, Oregon

I couldn’t wait to tell you what Heal Thy Mouth oil did for me!

17 months ago, I finally had an exam after 5 years of no dental visits. The dentist found gum disease, pockets of 5-7 on every tooth. She recommended scaling & planing, and cleanings every 3 months. But then I found a dentist with better rates, who took my insurance. So that one (11 months ago) gave the exact same plan. She said there’s no way to reverse any of this with any home remedy, and for the rest of my life these 3 month cleanings would only slow the terrible disease. I was 2 months pregnant then, which she said would worsen my gums.

I bought your blend and Bass brushes. I used it religiously, also flossed with the oil. For 2 years, I’ve also been oil pulling most mornings. My insyrance changed, so I couldn’t get any of the treatments/cleanings. But my gums felt all better! No more pain or bleeding.

I just saw the dentist again (another new one, who takes my insurance). This one says she can’t believe I had gum disease! She wouldn’t admit that I reversed it because that’s not possible(!), but she didn’t find any sign AT ALL. No pockets, no gingivitis, no decay. She really is surprised that pregnancy/nursing didn’t make me worse.  THANK YOU!!!

Charlotte H from VT

I have been using the Bass toothbrush and the healthy mouth blend for less than a month and I am seeing results already!

I bought your products because my gums have bled terribly for years, within the first week the bleeding was severely reduced and now I have no bleeding at all! The receded gum line above my front tooth has improved greatly and I am hopeful that it will heal completely!

Charleen B from

Your toothbrushes are the bomb! Not only do they clean my teeth better than my electric toothbrush, but my mouth doesn’t feel like it’s been assaulted when I’m done.

Sarah P from Illinois

I have been using your Bass brush and healthy mouth blend…I just got back from my regular dental checkup and they were PLEASED at how well I’m doing…!!!

YES YES YES no coming back before next 6 month checkup….!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO OraWellness!!

Jo P from Tennessee

My husband had purchased your HealThy Mouth … and I absolutely LOVE it. For the first time in a long time – my gums are feeling so much more comfortable and less painful. I have been struggling with this for years – and had no idea how many things I thought I was doing to help … yet I find out it was the wrong thing to do.

Your toothbrush (once I got the hang of it) – is the best I’ve ever tried …. and I’ve tried a bunch.

I guess you can pretty much surmise that I am one happy camper – and as long as you are providing these wonderful products – I will be buying them.

Pam K from Magnolia, TX

I wanted to tell you how much I love the toothbrushes I got from you. I am an adult with braces and they are the best toothbrushes I have used for my braces and gums.

I love how the mouth blend and the new brush makes my mouth feel.

Debbie W from Tulsa, OK

I have been including the Healthy Mouth Blend on the Bass toothbrush twice a day in my oral regimen. I have had gum issues for years and found OraWellness after having laser gum surgery.

I am a holistic health coach so I am very aware of the importance of nutrition and of gum and tooth health for overall wellness. I just went to the periodontist for my regular scraping/cleaning. There was one pocket he felt needed additional surgery and I refused. After the cleaning they checked the pocket depth and found “it had improved!” I’ll take it!

I continue with my regimen, including the Healthy Mouth Blend twice a day and expect continued improvement.

Ann M from NY

When I was in high school I noticed my teeth became sensitive. It gradually got worse and no toothpaste was helping relieve the pain.

Then I went on vacation and forgot my toothbrush. I ended up buying the cheapest brush I could find. It was a hard tooth brush and had very stiff bristles. I brushed my teeth and my gums began to bleed. I assumed I must have gingivitis and continued with my uneducated brushing technique and focused brushing gently on the gums in hopes of getting rid of gingivitis. I was not aware that I was actually destroying my gums. I now have exposed

I now have exposed root of certain teeth from brushing with a horrible tooth brush. My sensitive teeth got so bad that even room temperature water was painful to drink! I was desperate to find relief. I stumbled upon OraWellness threw a website I frequent called Wellness Mama.

I immediately purchased the Heal Thy Mouth Blend and a Bass toothbrush and as a result my sensitive teeth pain decreased significantly. I couldn’t believe it at first that oils and a new tooth brush soothed my delicate mouth.

Since I wanted to be certain it was the new product and not some freak of nature health recovery I took quite a bit of time off from using OraWellness products and sure enough my mouth pain creeped back into my life. It is safe to say that I am a customer for life and will teach my family the benefits of a healthy mouth!

Thank you OraWellness for all that you do. I greatly appreciate it!

Mara P from NC

I hadn’t had my teeth cleaned or been near a dentist for 18 months (naughty, I know!), but had been using the Healthy Mouth Blend and Bass toothbrushes and technique.

When I went to the hygienist a few months back she commented on how good my dental regime was. I can only put this down to the Orawellness products and information about how to care for your teeth.

Margot G from Centenary Heights, QLD, Australia

I’ve only been using the Bass Toothbrush and Nut-free solution for a few weeks, but the swelling in my gums and the bleeding that would occur every time I brushed my teeth has completely stopped! Each day the swelling would improve and the bleeding would lessen, and now, after only a few weeks, there is no pain, swelling, or bleeding. 🙂 I have tried multiple toothpastes and ways to make the pain go away, but nothing has worked up until your products. Thank you for your extensive research and great products; I’m grateful to benefit from it!!

Jennifer K from Texas

I saw a cousin at a family event and remarked how great her smile looked. She told me about the HealThy Mouth product, and I ordered it right away. I had recently been diagnosed with periodontal disease and constantly worried about bad breath.

Immediately upon using, my teeth felt smooth and clean –and stayed that way for hours and hours. My dental hygienist was so amazed at the improvement at my very next visit that she called the doctor in to see how great my gums looked. He said, “Don’t stop using it!”

Every periodontal check-up has had the dental team continuing to marvel, and the disease, which I was told was irreversible, is almost gone!

Thank you for making this product and brushes — and all your great info — available!

Mary M from Michigan

You’re probably familiar with the adage “big things come in small packages.” This byword could not be truer after using the Bass brushing technique with the special brush and OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend the past 6 weeks.

A 2013 year-end visit to my dentist devastated me. I was diagnosed with advanced periodontal disease and had to have two 3rd molars removed. This absolutely rocked my world. How could this have happened?! I’ve always been a two-timer gal — floss, brush, mouthwash in the morning and, again, in the evening.

Throughout 2014, my teeth were cleaned every 3 months resulting in some improvement of my oral condition. However, dental cleanings were only temporarily effective. A few weeks prior to each scheduled cleaning — even while continuing my twice-daily oral routine — the build up of bacteria in my mouth was visible. Efforts to save my teeth and gums were failing. I panicked. And I prayed as I searched for something – anything – to stop the progression of this disease.

I gave thanks for answered prayer when led to the OraWellness web site. My mouth hasn’t been the same since — smooth, clean teeth; healthier gums; fresh breath. Some powerful healing is happening here…and all from a .5 fl. oz. vessel of triumph-over-bad bugs oil blend! To experience such extraordinary results in such a short time is, in a word, miraculous. I am so grateful for this small-but-mighty bottled mixture that delivers such a colossal impact.

Thank you to Mr. Bass and to Will and Susan Revak for sharing your tool kit (knowledge and products) and empowering folks to fight gum disease and achieve optimal oral health. OraWellness is truly my healing miracle.

Susan H from Idaho

The best results I am seeing by far, though, is with my daughters (ages 8 & 11). They both have had gray stains on their teeth and red, inflamed gums that bled easily. They both wanted their teeth to be as pretty as mine (in their words), so I taught them the bass method and got them bass brushes. I had to use a scaler and regular tooth brushes to clean the stains off initially but ever since they have used the bass method, they have had no new stains and healthy pink gums that never bleed. The best part is that they are so excited about the results that they often ask if they can “practice brushing their teeth” and say things like “wow, my teeth are so pretty and clean now!”

KS from Texas

My dental check ups have improved since using OraWellness.

In fact, at my last check up the hygienist said there wasn’t much cleaning to do as everything looked so good!!

Thank you!

Diann T from Hayesville, NC

Thanks so much for your incredible products and helpful information.

Last time I went to the dentist, I was told that the recession of my gums had improved so much that I no longer need to go in for my periodontal cleanings!

Leslie F from Lake in the Hills, IL

I’m truly glad that I found your site. If not for OraWellness, I would still be suffering from bleeding gums. All my life, until I was 27, I had suffered from bleeding gums… Sometimes even spontaneously bleeding!

Once I stumbled across your site, I realized that it was due to me brushing incorrectly! How simple! Never in all my years has ANY DENTIST told me that!

Since doing my research on your site, buying your Bass brush, and brushing correctly, my gums have not bled in 3 years! I sincerely thank you again for all that you do!

Brittany H from Baltimore, MD

Having always had terrible teeth, fillings by age 7 though never fizzy drinks or frequent snacks as a child etc, I’d neglected to go to the dentist for several years and had got to the stage where I was afraid to even make an appointment.

My sister forwarded one of your emails and I watched your videos and went on your mailing list. I was impressed by what you communicated and the quality of your research so I ordered some Bass toothbrushes and Healthy Mouth Blend last Summer.

I eventually got the courage to make a dental appointment last week.

Imagine my surprise when the hygienist said she couldn’t believe that it had been 5 years because clearly what I was doing was working! Yes there was some calcified plaque but not as much as she would have expected.

And later when the dentist examined my teeth there were no new cavities. Thank you! I’m simply delighted!

Ellen B from Co Cork, Ireland

I love all the products you offer…my oral health has improved dramatically! Even my hygienist has asked me what I’ve been doing cause my improvement is unheard-of she said 🙂 I would love to see your product in Whole Foods!

Thanks again for such awesome products ! I’m a customer for life!

Art O from Michigan

The toothbrush is soft and gentle on my gums. I can feel it cleaning a lot more thoroughly than previous toothbrushes and the way I used to brush. It had some getting used to but I wouldn’t go back to my old ways now that I actually feel that my teeth are so much cleaner.

Tijana D from Michigan

When I started using one of your Bass toothbrushes on my son, I noticed a difference in his breath as well as a difference in the way his teeth looked immediately after using it; the tarter buildup is significantly less on his little baby teeth and he just loves brushing his teeth.

Nadine W from New York

As I read up on all the procedures I have had done over the years, it makes me so upset that this info wasn’t available back then. I have so many root canals, crowns, a bridge & fillings. I have had periodontal work & both the dentist & periodonist want to do gum grafting.

Now I have begun to rethink and have not gone in that direction. Last time I had my teeth cleaned, she said they looked great. It is working!!!!

Jane S from Rhode Island

I’m delighted with the improvements in my dental health since discovering your website and using your products. I have almost eradicated my gum disease, the gum pockets are receding, and I feel my oral health is back in my own hands.
The oil blend makes my mouth feel so clean, and the bass brush is so simple and I believe effective.


Selina H from United Kingdom

There’s so much to love with your the HealThy Mouth Blend. I’ve been using the blend with a Bass toothbrush and never before has my mouth felt so clean. I love that I’m not using harmful chemicals to clean my teeth.

I’ve got my husband and teen girls using it now too. I have noticed a big difference in my gums since I’ve been using this blend on my floss and as with a daily gum massage. My mouth looks fabulous and I feel more confident. Thanks for a superb product!!!

Also the packaging is great, I find so many uses for the old bottles, unlike commercial tubes of toothpaste, that just get thrown away.

Amanda H from Illinois

I love everything about your products! I panic when I am nearly out!

My daughter uses the healthy mouth blend and toothbrush as well! We love how genuinely clean our mouths feel and as a mom I appreciate the fact that it couldn’t be any more natural!!! I love that I don’t have to worry about hidden harmful ingredients.

Thank you so much for your sincere dedication to make such wonderful products!!!

I also enjoy and fully appreciate the informational emails and videos.

Trisha H from Washington

I had no complaints about my old electric toothbrush but when I learned about the Bass method it made sense. It’s not so much the broader surfaces that are at risk, it’s the gum-line and pathways of bacteria that lead from there I should concern myself with. Where I tried and tried with my bulky electric spinning brush to stimulate my gums more often than not they bled.

I’m surprised at how much I look forward to brushing my teeth. I notice my mouth feels fresher, and my smile brighter. I like the Orawellness drops much better than my old products. I look forward to learning whether my dental hygienist notices any difference. I’m very happy I jumped on board and ordered your products. Thank you.

Sydney D from California

I have been using your special Toothbrush, HealThyMouth Blend and Tongue Cleaner for about 2 weeks now and I have already started seeing great results regarding my gingivits and bad breath in my mouth. Your products are simply awesome. I realize that I am looking forward to brush my teeth with your Healthy Mouth Blend now and it gives me a great sense of freshness in my mouth. I wish I could find you earlier 😉

I will definitely recommend your products to all my friends and people who complain about their mouth health.

Thank you very much for your help to recover my mouth health 🙂

Safak K from Dubai

Since using Orawellness, my dentist visits have been a snapless scraping, and no deep pockets!

Carole M from TX

We’ve only been following the OraWellness plan for a few weeks, but we’ve already noticed huge improvements!

My 8 and 11 year-old boys are doing the best they can following the Bass brushing technique. I did it for them the first few times so they would know how it should feel. I think that helped quite a bit.

Our breath smells better and our teeth are so much whiter! My gums are bleeding less. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Paula N from IN

I love the Heal Thy Mouth blend. I’ll be honest, after using it I stare at my teeth in the mirror because they’re whiter🙂

I finally got my husband and adult children to try it and the toothbrushes. My husband loves the toothbrush. He said he finally feels as if his teeth are getting clean. Our daughter said to me (I had not told her my teeth look whiter after using), “I love that stuff, my teeth look whiter!”

Betty F from OK

I had a dental checkup a few weeks ago (halloween, I think) and I have to report that even during all the cleaning and scraping (have always had a decent amount of tartar) there is no bleeding at all. This has never happened in my life. I mean, even that little white gauze where they wipe off all the crud – no blood. None at all. It was pretty amazing.

I had the dentist check the tooth where i had noticeable recession and she was flat out amazed that there really was less.

The first part of the two-fold program where I keep my mouth clean is definitely working. I love your HTM Blend, it feels so clean. Thank you.

I’m also grateful for all your videos that reinforce the diet and lifestyle principles that I have chosen for myself and our family.

Janine F from IL

I have been using the products for about 2 weeks. I love the clean fresh feeling after brushing. I feel like my teeth are really clean.
I am seeing improvements in my gums, I have issues with receding gums and it appears the gums are tightening up some. I don’t go for a teeth cleaning until next April, but will be anxious to see what they say!
Thank you for all the information, products and encouragement, I wish I had found this product years ago!

Jerrie R from TX

I am loving my OraWellness blend and toothbrush–it is taking the stains
and sensitivity away.


April S from VA

I am a 26 year old with pretty bad receding gums. I have been using HealThy Mouth Blend and Bass toothbrushes for just over a year now.

My gums no longer bleed when I floss them! It is amazing! I still have a long way to go to heal my mouth and gum disease but I know I am on the right track and it is great to have the folks at OraWellness to help me along my way.

I love their blog posts. They make me consider things I would never have thought about.


Regan W from IA

I have been using the Bass toothbrush/brushing technique and the HealThy mouth blend, and have just had my first dental checkup since switching to your products.

The informative videos and wonderful products have made such a difference! My hygienist commented that she wished everyone’s teeth were as easy to clean as mine. She continued to rave about the condition of my teeth and gums.

I was so thrilled, and the best part was…no cavities! You have a customer for life!

Michelle M from PA

For 4 years I’ve been seeing a dentist for periodontal treatments and cleanings . Well I just couldn’t afford it anymore. That decision led me to your company.

With your product and Bass brushing method in TWO days the bleeding from my gums stopped and after a week my gums look and feel so much better !

I came in skeptical and now I’m a believer and thrilled with the results.

Pamela S from

I have bought your products twice for my family. We are very happy using it. We live in the Dominican Republic.

My father suffered from bleeding gums and bad breath for many years and he is doing so well after using the bass toothbrushes and the healthy month blend. Before that, he had try all sorts of medicines and visited the dentist very often to have his condition “controlled.”

My kids are very happy too, they love the bass toothbrushes.

Licette C from Dominican Republic,

Within the first two weeks of brushing with the Heal Thy Mouth blend and Bass toothbrush, my gums have stopped bleeding!

My kids didn’t like the blend at first, they said it was “spicy” so I only use one tiny drop and now they like it.

Great product! Highly recommend!

Kelly S from TX

In looking for natural products without unneccesary chemicals, I decided to give OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend and the Bass brush a try.

Wow! My last two dental check-ups have resulted, according to my dentist, in going from a “3” in gum depth to a “1”, which is excellent.

Have been watching your tutorials and using your products for a little over a year and I know this will be a lifetime practice. My husband also uses your products and my sister has just started using the blend based on my recommendation and dental results.

I love that your products are simple and natural. Simple is better and you can’t get any better than HealThy Mouth Blend!

Try it–you’ll be glad you did.

Lisa R from VA

I ordred oral wellness and have been happy with the personable service, quick email responses, support, information and the quality of the drops. Im hooked!

My husband also likes them and takes them with him when he’s away on trips. (He has suffered from halitosis which it has helped.)

I had gum surgery and the drops were strong enough to keep me from having to use a prescribed antimicrobial from my surgeon, as the drops have antibiotic and antimicrobial properties. They work great. My gums healed very well. I still use them every morning.

Thanks for making a great product and we love the toothbrush too

Lyndelle S from California

I have very bad teeth and gums. I purchased your toothbrushes and Heal Thy Mouth Blend several weeks ago. My gums look and feel so much cleaner and healthier.

I can’t wait to see what my dentist has to say on my next visit. I am hooked and will be using this product for the rest of my life. Love it!

Thank you for all your much needed help and knowledge

Paula G from Chino Hills, CA


I had used the HealThy Mouth Blend for a while with my regular toothbrush because I was reluctant to throw away a perfectly good (or so I thought) and expensive toothbrush.
After ONE Bass toothbrush brushing, using the technique you teach, my teeth felt like I had just had a cleaning at the dentist. I no longer have to wait for my 6 month cleaning appointment to enjoy perfectly clean teeth!

One of my lower front teeth had an extreme gum recession since I was 10 years old. I had gone through 2 failed gum surgeries to fix it and had given up on it ever healing. Good News! It is healing!!!!!

I no longer experience mouth sores or swollen bleeding gums, EVER!

Kim C from Oklahoma

After a few days of brushing with the technique, I was sold, and the habit of brushing like this became a no-brainer because it was working: my mouth feels cleaner, the bleeding has subsided, I brush more in the evenings because I’m experiencing positive results (brushing in the evening was an intermittent thing in the past), sensitive areas are becoming way less sensitive or not sensitive at all.

I’ve only been using the OraWellness products for a few weeks. I didn’t need an entire month for the changes in my routine to feel like a habit because the results are undeniable. I look forward to continuing the protocol and seeing how the products work over a longer period of time.

Well-satisfied and happy new customer!

Tahirah W from Illinois

Thank you for your wonderful product. I am in my mid-40s and have experienced daily gum bleeding and tooth sensitivity due to gum recession for over half my life.

Using the protocol of oil pulling, OraWellness tooth cleaner, and flossing every day, I no longer suffer from any gum bleeding or tooth sensitivity. In fact, it appears as though my gums have begun to regenerate.

As for the rest of my family, my husband loves the clean-mouth sensation of your product and my 4 year-old loves to brush his teeth with the Bass toothbrush.

I have also learned a lot from your tutorials and dietary recommendations and have made life-altering adjustments.

Lara T from Oregon

Your products were referred to me by my sister in law, Charletta. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical, but even after my first use of the bass toothbrush and essential oil blend, my mouth felt cleaner than it ever had while using my previous oral care products. Since switching over, I have seen my teeth become whiter and my gums healthier. My gums no longer bleed when I brush my teeth, and my breath is significantly improved.

Stefani T from California

I was very skeptical of your product, but have been so pleased with the results. My teeth are in pretty good shape to begin with, but what has really impressed me is the lack of mouth ulcers and dry cracked skin around my lips.
And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to a regular tooth brush 🙂

Erika H from Alabama

I’ve been using HealThy Mouth blend for about 6 months now. The greatest benefit I’m having is the feeling of confidence that I’m finally able to take care of my teeth and gums properly. Not only do my teeth feel clean for so much longer, but I find I actually enjoy brushing them now – slowly and with awareness. I use your Bach brush and this brushing technique feels great and soothing on my gums. I often use your blend in combination with bentonite clay – there is nothing better tasting or more effective I know of. I’m hoping to address a few areas of receding gums and swelling with continued use.
Thank you for helping me take care of my oral health and for giving me the opportunity to support an awesome small business like yours!

Nina D from Pennsylvania

I love the “Heal Thy Mouth Blend!” I started looking for a way to actually heal my mouth/teeth instead of just chasing down problems. As well as I thought I was taking care of my oral health, it just seemed like every time I went to my dentist for my 6 month hygiene appointments, they kept finding issues (bleeding gums, another cavity, 3 more cavities, etc.).

Last visit to the dentist (almost 6 months ago, as I am scheduled for my next 6 month appointment in April), the hygienist asked me what I was doing different with my teeth routine, as she saw only one spot of bleeding in the gums, where before I had at least 9 places on the gums that would be tender and bleeding when she poked. Even the dentist commented on this when he came in to do his exam after my cleaning.

I am ecstatic! At home, I don’t have any bleeding when brushing or flossing anymore (that stopped after the 1st week of using your Heal Thy Mouth blend). Any tooth sensitivity I was experiencing is gone, even though I changed out my “sensitive” toothpaste with fluoride for a coconut oil based home blend with no “sensitivity” component (and no fluoride!) – go figure! ;0) Plus, overall, I love the fresh, tingly feeling left in my mouth after flossing and/or rinsing with this glorious natural blend! It took a little getting used to, as the clove oil is a bit strong (not in the blend, but simply as an oil clove is strong – not unlike tea tree oil), but the other ingredients balance it well.

I have yet to have any new fillings put in over the past year (although it was last March that my dentist told me I have several that need to be done), but it’s not like I am avoiding the issue, either. I feel like there has been no progression in any decay that may have been there, since in 12 months since that fateful day when I decided to take my oral health into my own control, I can honestly say that I have not experienced any pain, bleeding, or sensitivity in the areas that were earmarked as “trouble” spots. I look forward to my appointment this April to see evidence of how well my mouth is faring with this new oral hygiene routine.

Thank you so much for all of your videos, tutorials, blog articles, and links to the wealth of information you have compiled over your time in this realm of oral health! It provides a magnificent resource for those of us out here who are trying to do better by our bodies. When we know better, we can do better!

Sonia T from Maryland

I’ve been using your blend for about six months and am so happy with how healthy my mouth and gums feel!!  My teeth feel cleaner for longer and no more plaque. Even better is that my gums don’t bleed when I floss anymore. To be honest, I’m a super busy, working mom so I rarely get to floss (eek, sorry) and my gums feel healthier than before.

Marina C from California

I am so happy with this product and I could never, ever, go back to traditional conventional style toothpaste again. The HealThy Mouth Blend is amazing and works wonders.  I have noticed many differences already. I have noticed my gums seem to be receding less, look healthier, and there is much less bleeding then when I first came to you asking for help.

Although I do not normally have extra money to spend, I am going to make sure one way or another that I can always have the HealThy Mouth Blend as my toothpaste and always use a Bass Toothbrush. I can’t believe that I was thinking of going through another awful and extremely costly scaling and root planting procedure, when all I had to do was try your wonderful products.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping me get on the path to greater oral health!

Michelle B from Illinois

I discovered Ora Wellness through a search for something supplemental to add to my homemade toothpaste regimen and ended up learning SO much from your website. I LOVE the healthy mouth blend, but I was also happily surprised to discover your amazing toothbrushes. At the end of the day, though, what sets Ora Wellness apart is the incredible education I’m gaining through the articles and videos. Thank you so much for being so invested and so dedicated to sharing your knowledge. I honestly feel like this company has improved my life so much, and I can’t thank you enough. 🙂

Jessi K from Maryland

I am very pleased with this product. My gums stop bleeding. And it seems like where my gums were thinning away from my teeth, that they are building back up. My dry mouth is gone. I have severe gum disease and this product looks like it is helping a lot. I am so happy I stumbled upon your website and decided to try the products.

Pat A from Cottondale, Alabama

Hi Will, Last year I spoke with you on the phone about how to remineralize two cavities that went below the gum line on my back molars that already had grade 5 fillings. You will be happy to know that they have remineralized and I didn’t go to have them fixed.  I did have a regimen that I followed that worked. Thank you, thank you for talking with me. I appreciate it soooo much.

Grace T from Des Moines, New Mexico

I love your products!  My teeth have never felt this clean and my gums are finally looking healthy after many years of sensitivity and receding.

When I first opened and saw the toothbrush I started laughing as it looks so cheap and thought this will never work for me but to my surprise I have become totally attached to it and will never go back to buying one with too many bristles again.

Thank you and I plan on continuing with all your products!

Susan R from Florida

My 8- and 11-year-old boys are doing the best they can following the Bass brushing technique. I did it for them the first few times so they would know how it should feel.

Our breath smells better and our teeth are so much whiter! My gums are bleeding less. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Paula N

First of all, I love the tooth brush, I’m very picky about my toothbrushes. My mouth feel much cleaner after brushing in a short time with the way you showed on the video.

I was skeptical when I read a review of someone who shared brushing with the oil even, she feels her teeth got whiter.  But now I agree to that!

I love coffee and tea, which stains teeth. I still drink them, but I noticed a few weeks ago my teeth looks whiter.

I will see what my hygienist say on next visit, I’m more confident to deal with her.

Ichiko G from Illinois

I have had chronic bad breath for years, not just in the morning, even though I brushed and flossed with “natural” toothpaste religiously at least 3 times a day.

I don’t know how to begin saying how much I LOVE your products! I followed your directions at bedtime on the day my order arrived and my husband commented the next morning that I had ZERO morning breath!

It is gone just like that!

Krista C from British Columbia, Canada

I just love your toothbrushes and the Ora Wellness Blend. I got toothbrushes for my whole family! They work really well and they are small enough to get to hard to reach areas in the mouth.

I just love the blend as well! I use it to brush with and as a mouth wash throughout the day. My breath is so refreshing after I use it and my mouth feels so clean as well. Knowing it has great ingredients makes me feel so comfortable.

Kerenza D from Michigan

Your products are so helpful. The esential oil has helped to tighten up my gums and relieve some of the pain I was feeling on my molars.

I believe your toothbrushes are the best! I have given them to my children & grandchildren…trying to make believers out of them as well.


Jane S from Rhode Island

I have been using your product about two weeks . The metal taste in my mouth is gone and my gums look much pinker.

Great product. I only regret that I didn’t try it sooner.

Romaine H from Maryland

In 2012, I found out I had breast cancer. It was stage two but had not spread to my lymph glands. Fortunately there was no need for radiation or chemo, although I did have a mastectomy plus all the reconstruction. That changed my way of living. I became more active as well as passionate about the foods I was consuming.

My teeth have always been a challenge – lots of cavities, root canals and four implants. That was a health concern and as I searching for something organic and natural, I found your site.

I love your mouth blend and use it twice a day with the Bass toothbrushes. It would feel really weird to use any other toothbrush! The mouth blend is refreshing and just feels so good in the mouth! I also have your ph test strips.

You always go beyond selling your products by teaching us and giving us information about good oral health. I’m your customer for life!

Deb S from Maryland

My husband & I have been using your toothbrushes & healthy mouth blend for a few weeks now.

After just the second use, my gums went from red to light pink. I was really floored and surprised by this, as I don’t recall ever seeing my gums look this healthy!

Also, when I began using your products I had some pain in the gum are of an upper molar. I have been coating my floss and brushing with the healthy mouth blend, in addition to oil pulling with coconut oil, and after 2 weeks the pain is entirely gone.

Through your site, I was also able to locate a holistic dentist in my neighborhood, and plan to make an appointment soon. I’m looking forward to seeing a dentist for the first time in my life because my mouth feels so incredibly healthy!

Also, I have a 1 year old daughter with 5 teeth, and feel so lucky that we will be able to start her out the with the best dental health possible. I found your site through the Wellness Mama blog & am so very grateful. Thank you for offering such great products & education!

Joey B from Washington

I really love your HealThy Blend because my kids can brush wherever they want and they don’t have to spit out like regular toothpaste. I also love the way my teeth feel.

I noticed a few months ago my gums were receding in certain places and I started using the healthy blend to rub the areas that were receding and within a day they were looking better. I love how HealThy Blend does not affect the taste of food like other toothpastes.

I am really grateful that I heard about you through Wellness Mama blog and decided to check you out. Thank you so much for all the helpful videos and emails. Thank you for the free Bass toothbrush with my HealThy Blend order. I love it.

Thank you for all that you do and for giving people the power to help themselves heal their mouth!

Jessie A from Utah

I came across your product when researching teeth sensitivity. I had just returned from the dentist who treated my sensitive tooth by drilling and putting on some filling material. It must have hit a nerve and my teeth were even more sensitive than ever.

I was skeptical but gave the heal thy mouth liquid a try. After using it one week, my teeth feel less sensitive and seem whiter. at the same time, I’ve ordered another remineralization liquid which actually makes my mouth burn (I have a sore). So I’m sticking with OraWellness. I also love the Bass toothbrush and will order more.
I plan to continue to use your products long term. Thank you!

Kelly W from Hong Kong

Using the healthy mouth blend for about a month and a half has greatly decreased my teeth’s sensitivity. I like the fresh minty-cinnamon taste and it helps with gum pain when I apply it straight to my gums. The small bottle gets handy for travel.
The tongue scraper is an effective tool I got into the habit of using twice daily for fresher breath. My tongue seems to look cleaner now than a month ago.
I tried the bass brushing method with a regular toothbrush and ended up hurting my gums because the brush was too rough. The bass toothbrush works like a charm, although I have a hard time doing the method on the back of my teeth and wisdom teeth.
Thank you for putting these quality products and information on the market and for your friendly, timely customer service.

Celine A from Louisiana

I love Orawellness! I have to admit, I don’t floss as much as I should. I was having problems with bleeding gums quite frequently, but after using the healthy mouth blend with the bass toothbrush for just a few weeks, I stopped bleeding when brushing!

I’ve been using for the past couple years now and will never go back to toothpaste. I put bentonite clay on my brush with 3 drops of healthy mouth blend and my mouth is in great shape. Perfect marks at the dentist!

Julia M from Garner, NC

I’ve only been using the mouth blend AND bass toothbrush for a little over a week.

I love how clean my mouth feels, and using the bass toothbrush along with your brushing technique has already helped my gum line! Not only do I brush with the blend, I put it on my floss and clean my tongue with it.

I’ve been telling everyone about what I’m doing. They think it’s funny that I’m so into oral health, but I see it as…they’re crazy for not getting into it like I do.

Angela R from MN

I love that the toothbrush moves between my teeth. It’s like having a back up to floss and the stimulation feels wonderful. I expected there would be an adjustment to using the brush however it felt immediately comfortable in my hand and produced a very satisfying clean.

The Healthy Mouth Blend is a fabulous addition to oral hygiene, period. I actually believe my teeth have whitened since using the blend. A bonus I did not anticipate. This is my second order with you and I believe we have a relationship for life. When I saw I was getting low there was a sense of urgency that attached to having my order arrive before I was completely out. That was new to me with any oral product except toothpaste. Now, I don’t feel I would do without.

Jenna W from FL

I have been consistently brushing using only the HealThyMouth blend for about 2 full weeks now. I have a dentist appointment next month, and am excited to hear about how this has helped my oral health! I had a couple packets pushing the 4 mm range… not horrible, but a lot of inflammation and bleeding in my gums.

I have been brushing morning & night with an electric sonicare toothbrush, flossing, and using the bass brush at night. My teeth stopped bleeding when I was flossing within a couple of days. I’m impressed with how clean my teeth still feel from the dentist cleaning and am excited to hear back next month from the dentist as to how my new methods are working out! I am very very happy with how things are progressing (no more bleeding at all, teeth feel much cleaner!)

Morgan L from WA

Since i have been using OralWellness products I notice a hugh difference with the problem areas in my mouth.

No matter how well I think I clean my teeth or what store bought product I use, I still receive poor feedback from my dentist after my cleaning. My dental hygienists says my mouth is a magnet for “bad bugs” and something about too much acid.

Now, that I use Healthy Blend I find my morning mouth has a cleaner feeling, my mouth guard
is cleaner, but even better my gums are a lot healthier.

I appreciate the free videos and often review the information just to keep me motivated. I have been so confident with my results, I took a bottle of Healthy Blend and gave it to my hygienists. Also, I gave a bottle to my friend and she is excited about her results.

Patricia Y from Ontario, Canada

The Best Tooth Care Products We’ve Ever Used!
The drops keep our mouths clean and fresh, and the Bass toothbrush does the best job of gently and effectively cleaning our teeth.
I really like a drop of the Healthy Mouth Blend on my dental floss, feels and taste great afterwards.

Ina C from ID

I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE the Bass Junior brush and it’s so easy to use without hurting my gums!
I share one of my brushes with a work colleague who has a fear of the dentist and hasn’t gone for over a year, has bleeding gums, etc., and she told me yesterday how much of a difference just brushing differently with a smaller brush has made for her.
Thanks so much for your product and your great videos! This is such an important topic that people take for granted! There’s just nothing like a healthy mouth!

Eileen K from CA

Elated to report shiny, white, plaque-free teeth using your natural HealThy Mouth Blend and simple Bass brush!

I used to have bleeding gums (from brushing with conventional products) and sensitive teeth (from using whitening strips that were actually painful and caused my teeth and gums to ache).

Another bonus was in learning about the INTERNAL damage of sugar on the teeth (from your enlightening videos). This led to more mindful choices.


Nell A from Lafayette, LA

I found your site via Wellnessmama and purchased the family 4 pack of toothbrushes.
My husband and I switched over. My son who isn’t yet a year uses your child size brush for his two teeth – I’m so glad he is starting with your product and will only ever use it!
I started making making my own toothpaste and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. I’ve noticed that my teeth seem whiter, gums pinker, and along with a switch to 85%+ paleo diet! less sensitive.

Kellie B from RI

I am very thankful I came across your website and especially for your Heal Thy Mouth Brushing Blend! I am hoping it will help me with some pretty bad gum pockets I have.

I’ve also started brushing using the Bass technique and special toothbrush. I will say that my mouth feels so refreshed after using the Heal Thy Mouth blend and plan on continuing to use it always!

I’m looking forward to regaining my health now that I’ve learned about the importance of oral health!

Laura F from MA

I had a place in my mouth where my gum line was receding due to brushing improperly or too hard and my old dentist gave me fluoride to put on the damaged area:)! Needless to say I didn’t use it.

After a few days of rubbing the oil on that spot it was no longer as tender when the brush touched it or sensitive to the touch in general. After a month it was completely healed.

I purchased healthy oil and brushes for my 9 children and 4 spouses as Christmas stocking stuffers. Many of them use it daily and love it. So much that recently I purchased 12 more bottles of your oil again to distribute to my children and for me if course

You also personally answer emails which makes me feel like you really and truly care about each person. I know you do. I feel it and have experienced it.


Susan P from PA

i enjoy your products. i started using them less than a year ago. when i had my annual dental exam, things had improved!
i am faithful to brush at least twice daily, use the tongue scraper and floss daily. i used to use waxed floss and was afraid to change, but i like the ora wellness floss very much.
the oil leaves a fresh taste in my mouth and my teeth feel so smooth! the dentist did not want to “admit” that it could be these products that are making a difference, but they did say “keep up the good work”.
i was always faithful about flossing, so i believe it is the products that made the difference. i had less plaque and my gums had better numbers. my daughter is trying the products now as well. she suffers from frequent mouth ulcers, and these have been reduced for her as well.

Nancy G from KS

I especially love the Bass toothbrushes. They have softer,bristles, and my gum recession at my last dentist appt. had reversed somewhat!

I’m sure using the Healthy Mouth Blend has helped as well.

Lynda H from GA

I just went to the dentist today for the first time after starting use of the Healthy Mouth Blend and Bass toothbrushes. The hygeniest said my mouth was super clean, the gum line numbers were great and to keep up whatever I was doing (but to floss more – that part is on me).

Thank you! I am so happy to know about this product! I placed a bigger order this time around so I could share some around with friends. This stuff is so much nicer to use than regular toothpaste!

Julie F from MT

Thank you very much for your products! My family has been using Ora Wellness for a few years now. We are very thankful and have gotten questioned by two separate dental offices about what we use for our own teeth and our children because they are so clean and healthy – I always love to share the news of Ora Wellness!

Danielle E from AZ

Before I found these brushes I was using an electric toothbrush and my dentist said I was brushing my gums away. I couldnt find a soft enough electric brush head so looked online and found your site.

My last trip to the Dentist he said my gums were healthy. I am finding the “Healthy mouth blend” leaves my teath feeling so clean and fresh, lots better than normal fluoride toothpaste. I am trying to get rid of as many chemicals that I can so its great that the “Healthy mouth blend” is made of natural organic products.

Susan C from Devon, United Kingdom

My husband and I are happily using your toothbrush, brushing the right way. I call it ” the Zen way of brushing one’s teeth” – it indeed feels like a meditation! I also totally agree with the kind of “psychic disconnect”, and that part of the healing is just as important.


As we are both mostly vegan, your video on diet was astonishing! It got me reviewing our entire diet, and am now preparing all our foods to minimize -if not all together eliminate- the phytic acids, and increase phytates instead. That alone is an amazing gift you gave us. Thank you so much!


The whole thing of brushing has become more fun. 🙂 An hygienist kept telling “to slowly increase the water pressure of my water pick” – it got to be so painful that I stopped using it all together… now, with your help, I’m using it on the low setting as it should, and it feels great. I also love to rub some oil on the floss, it feels so refreshing!


Chantal & Jay L from Arizona

All I can say is that this is the first time in my life that I enjoy looking after my teeth – I’m in my 70s!  I have read all the testimonials and agree with everything that has been said so eloquently.
You have created something exceptional which is benefiting very many people who not only now have fragrant mouths but are able to cut down on their dentist bills substantially!!
I thank you with all my heart for those brilliant products you have created.

Victoria S from England

I’ve been using the HealThy Mouth blend and the Bass Toothbrush, along with your techniques and a homemade tooth powder. Before I began researching holistic oral health, my gums had been steadily receding for a few years.

I’ve been using your products for about a month, and my gums are already a healthier, lighter pink, and are growing back in certain places. I’m being more aware of my oral hygiene, and am confident that my gums will heal over time.

Thank you so very much for everything you all do. You’ve saved me so much future pain and trouble. I’m only 21, so beginning to make these changes to my oral hygiene now is going to make all the difference.

P.S. Major props for talking about an entire lifestyle approach to oral and total body health. You’re one of the very few groups I have found that does this, and I really respect it. You have helped changed my entire thought process about my health for the better.

Jacob W from New Jersey

I had to write to say thank you. Not only for your amazing product, but for your educational videos.

11 years ago I had a tooth break and went to the dentist. He started the root canal along with 3 other filings. He was horrible and never finished the work. The temporary filings came out and I’ve been filling them myself with dentemp. Then 5 years ago I had another tooth break. I went to a different dentist who was terribly nasty and rude. He did a root canal and again, I never went back.

2 months ago I was having a great deal of pain. I went to a new dentist and loved him. He told me that even though I brush 2+x a day and floss every night that if I’m not using the right technique, I’m basically not doing anything.

I did a Google search and found your site. I needed 2 root canals and a vital pulp therapy. I went yesterday for the vital pulp and to have the crown placed and the first thing he said was “whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”. I told him that I changed my toothbrush, changed my floss and brushing technique and started to dry brush in the car. He was thrilled with how much my mouth improved in such a short time.

I still need several filings, but I am going to wait a little to see if they heal. I’m so excited and I couldn’t have done it without your videos. So, thank you!!!! From the bottom of my heart! I wish they taught the Bass technique in school! Imagine, all these years I’ve been brushing wrong.

Lauren S from New York

I recently read the book Cure Tooth Decay and decided to go with your brush set. I LOVE them!! I am adjusting quickly to the new brushing technique and my gums feel so much healthier! I was having a problem with cavities and tender, bleeding gums. The bleeding has been just a few, little spots after changing brushes and the tenderness has almost completely gone!

Leigh B from Florida

My friend Vicky recommended orawellness to me which I decided to try. I love this product and will never use regular toothpaste again. My teeth feel so clean and smooth each time I use the tooth oil, and I’ve find I’m brushing my teeth much more often and longer too.

I had a very sensitive area in my upper right teeth – which is gone now.

Cynthia T from Texas

I carry the blend in my purse (love the round cardboard packaging tube!!!) and use it frequently throughout the day to alleviate chronic dry mouth caused by medications. I also use it with homemade toothpaste. It is by far the best product of its kind I’ve found.
I’m also quite surprised at how much better the bass toothbrush is compared to the store bought brand I used to buy. My mouth feels cleaner, fresher, teeth are smooth, and even morning “dragon breath” is greatly reduced.

Christine R from Idaho

Just three drops of oil on the Bass toothbrush left my teeth feeling as smooth and clean as if I’d just had a professional cleaning.

I just visited my dentist this week (having been using the Bass toothbrush and the HealThyMouth blend for less than two months) and he and his assistant were stunned, too. About 18 months ago my dentist had recommended I come in every four months for cleanings, because I was getting plaque and tartar buildup despite what is considered a good brushing/flossing regimen. But this time he said my teeth looked gorgeous–he poked around, scrutinized every tooth, checked the gums carefully, and commented on how clean and shiny and healthy everything looked. The upshot: he said I don’t need to come in at 4 months or 6 months, but at 12 months!

One unexpected benefit of the OraWellness products is that I have become more conscious of my teeth.

It feels great to know I’m doing something demonstrably good for my body, and this pleasure motivates me to take even better care of myself. I love the idea that I am likely to keep all my teeth and gums healthy until I die.

Vicky B from New York

Just visited my dentist last week to have my teeth cleaned and a check-up. The hygienist said, ” If all my patients took care of their teeth like you do, my job would be so easy!” I have some deep pockets between two back capped molars and she said she has no concern as long as there is no infection (which I’ve had in the past) and I continue to keep the area clean. Also no cavities this time! Thank you for the wonderful products and the education on their use.

Mary S from California

I have used the bass toothbrush for maybe a year now and love the results! My teeth are cleaner and whiter and I rarely brush my actual teeth. I use the bass method of massaging my gums and therefore don’t really have much plaque to brush off of my teeth. 
Thank you for all your videos and articles and also for providing the bass toothbrushes at a comparable price to regular toothbrushes.

KS from Texas

I absolutely love OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend and the Bass Brushing Technique! My teeth are cleaner for longer and I wake up with a clean mouth. I lead a paleo/primal clean lifestyle so, eliminating the chemical store bought toothpaste was a must. OraWellness has been an even better replacement; my teeth aren’t sensitive like they use to be and my gums are not receding like they use to!

Kaylyn B from Oregon

Ever since using the tooth oil my gums are healing nicely and I have gotten excellent reports from my hygienist. My hygienist asked what i was using. I do not think i could ever go back to regular toothpaste again although i did use a natural type . I just love this tooth oil! In fact, i look forward to brushing my teeth more often now since I know its healing and keeping my gums healthy. I like to rub it all over my gums sometimes, lol, it feels that good.  Thanks for such a great product.

Mary S from Berkley, MI

I have been using the Bass toothbrush and the healthy mouth blend for less than a month and I am seeing results! I bought your products because my gums have bled terribly for years, within the first week the bleeding was severely reduced and now I have no bleeding at all! The receded gum line above my front tooth has improved greatly and I am hopeful that it will heal completely!

Charleen B from

I have been using the Bass toothbrush and the healthy mouth blend for less than a month and I am seeing results! I bought your products because my gums have bled terribly for years, within the first week the bleeding was severely reduced and now I have no bleeding at all! The receded gum line above my front tooth has improved greatly and I am hopeful that it will heal completely!

Charleen B from St. Pete Beach, Florida

I just got back from the dentist. I have been on an every-4-months cleaning schedule for years. Nothing I tried seemed to help heal my bleeding gums or reduce the plaque. Just a slight touch by the dental hygienist and the bleeding would start. Until today!
I started using Healthy Mouth Blend mid-October 2014. Today (mid-January 2015), my dental hygienist said the bleeding has been greatly reduced and that there is less plaque on my back teeth! This is amazing! The product is making a difference in the health of my teeth, gums, and mouth.
Of course, if I didn’t enjoy using it I probably wouldn’t use it and then I’d be back where I started. I like the product so much that I actually brush more often! Brushing more often PLUS using this wonderful product is a win-win! I’m also going to start using a drop on my floss and work to improve my flossing habit! Finally, a healthy mouth!
Thank you so much for this marvelous product.

Nancy B from Millbrae , California

I just got back from the dentist. I have been on an every-4-months cleaning schedule for years. Nothing I tried seemed to help heal my bleeding gums or reduce the plaque. Just a slight touch by the dental hygienist and the bleeding would start. Until today!
I started using Healthy Mouth Blend mid-October 2014. Today (mid-January 2015), my dental hygienist said the bleeding has been greatly reduced and that there is less plaque on my back teeth! This is amazing! The product is making a difference in the health of my teeth, gums, and mouth.
Of course, if I didn’t enjoy using it I probably wouldn’t use it and then I’d be back where I started. I like the product so much that I actually brush more often! Brushing more often PLUS using this wonderful product is a win-win! I’m also going to start using a drop on my floss and work to improve my flossing habit! Finally, a healthy mouth!
Thank you so much for this marvelous product.

Nancy B from Millbrae , California

I wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate the items that I have purchased from your company! The HealThy Mouth Blend, Bass toothbrushes and the EcoDent Dental Floss have been a blessing to me. I have fibromyalgia which not only affects my muscles but also my gums. They were constantly irritated and were a concern to my dentist. I have been using your products for a year now and on my last check up my dentist said my gums have never looked so healthy. On top of that, I love the way my teeth feel and look so clean all the time!

Teresa M from Lebanon , Tennessee

You guys and your products are miracle workers!

Brushing my teeth has always been a chore that I dreaded. When my boyfriend shared your webpage with me some time ago, we decided to give it a try, as we were beginning to go the natural route for every day products.

The HealThy Mouth Blend and your bass toothbrushes are by FAR my favorite items in my house! The freshness, the shinyness of my teeth, and the overall cleanliness of my mouth has never been better.

My dentist tells me my teeth and gums are looking healthier than ever – and I really feel it! Although most of your products are a little costlier than I would like, they are things that I will always squeeze into my budget, as I will NEVER go back to commercial toothpaste again!

Thanks for really changing my outlook on oral health. Keep up the good work!

Ashley M from Saint Laurent, QC, Canada

This story is long overdue. One year ago I took my nine year old daughter to her six month check up. The dentist told us that her gums were extremely inflamed and bled easily, which could easily turn into gum disease if she did not start doing a better job brushing at the gum line.

I had read about Ora Wellness months beforehand in my quest to find a non-toxic toothpaste and immediately knew that we had to give Heal Thy Mouth a try. As soon as we got home from the dental appointment I ordered Heal Thy Mouth and a child’s bass toothbrush.

Fast forward six months later and her hygentist said my daughter’s teeth and gums were extremely healthy! No signs of inflammation at all and no cavities!

If you are on the fence about ordering, don’t be. Best products in the world!

Teresa R from San Tan Valley, AZ

This is to thank you for your wonderful products. I just had an
appointment with a new dental hygienist and she said my gums
were wonderful and my teeth looked great!

Wow! I know it is because I use your Heal Thy Mouth blend as my only “toothpaste”,
as well as your recommended tooth brush and floss. Thank you both!

Susan H from Ashland, Oregon

I love the way that the Shine makes my teeth feel, but do not really know how to tell if they have been remineralized. I have some recession in one part of my mouth and do notice that that seems to have be a little less recessed, and my teeth are definitely whiter.

I like the product a lot and will definitely buy more because I will be 65 in August and want to take as good of care of the teeth that I still have as I can, and trust you all to help me do that.

The Bass toothbrush has been one of the best things I have ever done for my oral health and I will never be without it again. Thank you so much for your research and quest to find new products to help us all.

Judy V from Cape Girardeau, MO

I love the tooth brush; it’s like a massage for my gums every time I use it!

My teeth have never felt so clean! I also think they have gotten a little whiter since I started using it.

Nadine W from New York

I order your toothbrushes and really like how the bristles are spaced farther apart which gets into the nooks and crannies better.

I also enjoy all your helpful articles. Keep up the great work please.

Barbara K from California

We are loving our new toothbrushes. I even gifted one to my sister who has a mild obsession with her teeth.
We are also enjoying the oil brushing blend. I was a bit surprised at how much my youngest daughters (13 and 8) are liking it.
Thank you for such wonderful products.

Jen W from Maine

I recently ordered the HealThy Mouth drops and the Bass toothbrushes for my husband and I and our 5 year old son. We LOVE them all. I have stopped using regular toothpaste every day and just use the drops. I also am planning on making my own toothpaste that has the drops in it.

My husband and son both use it as a mouthwash. My husband has receding gums so I’m interested to see how it works for him.

Thanks for being so friendly and a pleasant company to work with!

Myken P from Pennsylvania

Just a short note to tell you how much I LOVE my new Bass toothbrush. I was skeptical, thinking that less bristles would make much difference. OMG! It’s a HUGE difference.

My oral health is really good so I was surprised to find by using my new toothbrush and technique, that my gum behind my last molar was irritated. After aweek, it’s not anymore. Thank you! I’m recommending Bass toothbrushes to everyone.

Martha R from Nevada

Not only have I experienced benefits from these wonderful products but it is nice to know that when I use HealThy Mouth Blend to brush my 2 year old’s teeth that she is not swallowing chemicals. She loves the taste of the product and doesn’t mind having her teeth brushed.

Regan W from IA

I purchased some toothbrushes for my two toddlers recently and am very pleased.

We wanted to switch to bpa free bristles and still have a well made brush that gets the job done. These brushes are holding up well so far !

Bonni S from MS

I recently ordered my first tongue scraper from you. When I first discovered Orawellness products, I was sold immediately on the Healthy Mouth Blend and the Bass Toothbrush. Those items became immediate favorites and I noticed a significant difference in the way my mouth felt.

However, I have to admit to thinking that the tongue scraper was just downright weird. After over a year of using the blend and brush, I was placing an order and thought “what the heck, why not try a tongue scraper, weird or not?” Now my family thinks I’m crazy because I keep telling them how wonderful the tongue scraper is and how they all need one (I’m thinking stocking stuffers!)

My mouth feels so much cleaner and fresher than it ever has. Thank you for your quest to help others enjoy a healthier mouth.

Angela S from Georgia

OraWellness oil and brushes have changed the way my family and I approach dental health FOREVER!

With my four little ones being surrounded by a sugar-crazed world, it’s tough to instill habits of proper nutrition and self care. However, using methods suggested in the youtube mini-series, I’ve been able to get my 3,5,7 and 9 year olds excited about brushing!

They find using the OraWellness oil a treat…and run to find me holding the oil in their little hands for me to help. It’s inspiring! What a stark contrast to the anxiety we feel when we’re sitting in the dentist chair… now that’s the worst timeout in my house anyone can earn! Last but certainly not least, OraWellness has provided outstanding people-care!

Antonija K from Nevada

I have used the bass toothbrush for maybe a year now and love the results! My teeth are cleaner and whiter and I rarely brush my actual teeth. I use the bass method of massaging my gums and therefore don’t really have much plaque to brush off of my teeth. I occasionally (1-2 times a week) polish my teeth with a regular toothbrush and homemade tooth powder.


The best results I am seeing by far, though, is with my daughters (ages 8 & 11). They both have had gray stains on their teeth and red, inflamed gums that bled easily. I believe this was mostly a result of not brushing properly or thoroughly, as their diet is quite clean. They both wanted their teeth to be as pretty as mine (in their words), so I taught them the bass method and got them bass brushes. I had to use a scaler and regular tooth brushes to clean the stains off initially but ever since they have used the bass method, they have had no new stains and healthy pink gums that never bleed. This has happened in the last 2-3 weeks. The best part is that they are so excited about the results that they often ask if they can “practice brushing their teeth” and say things like “wow, my teeth are so pretty and clean now!”


Thank you for all your videos and articles and also for providing the bass toothbrushes at a comparable price to regular toothbrushes. We want to live a healthy lifestyle and have made many changes in the last several years to do so. Unfortunately, those changes usually involve having to spend more money. This was a welcome and refreshing change that wasn’t expensive to make.

KS from Jacksonville, TX

I have been using the tooth drops for 8 months. I drink a fair share of tea. This past checkup, my hygeinest commented that I must have given up the tea because they weren’t stained, and less plaque. I use 3 drops at night after I brush with mouthwash

Diane B from New York

We appreciate both your product and how you are doing business

I recently had braces taken off after several years and both my dentist & orthodontist have commented on how healthy my gums have been and how well they are growing around a few newly restored teeth. I am sure using the oil to care for my mouth has made a difference. Thank you!

Karin B from Minnesota

I am happy to share that my husband and daughter appreciate the cleaning power of your HealThy Mouth blend as much as I do. Just last night my husband told me that his teeth never feel cleaner than when he both flosses and brushes with HealThy Mouth blend; I felt so grateful for the opportunity your company provides for overall health that starts in the mouth.

My daughter seems to have either staining or decay on one of her molars and as we have been regularly using your product, she has stopped telling me that it hurts when I brush in that area. Thank you for your research, wisdom and instruction.

Ruthie H from Texas

I purchased a 3-pack of your toothbrushes, even though I have a value-pack of them in my cabinet, b/c the case you made for them is so strong. I live alone, and thought it would take some time to use the 3-pack, but I have 1 at work and 2 going at home (1 at night and 1 in morning), AND IT’S NOT ENOUGH! I’m especially excited about keeping the bad bacteria at bay in my brushes, by soaking them in peroxide, then putting them in the sun during the day.
I’ve enjoyed the videos on oral health, and am spending more intentional time caring for my teeth and gums. They feel cleaner overall, and I look forward to better health in that area in the future.

Karin S from North Carolina

I can tell a huge difference in the health of mouth & teeth since I’ve been using your product. My teeth & mouth stay clean and fresh throughout the day. My gums are not swollen and it has also prevented me from getting a root canal. I absolutely love healthy mouth blend.

Lisa R from California

I’m 23 years old and my gums are in pretty bad shape already. I’m not sure what it was, but it may have been a combination of a low-fat vegan diet and a lack of concern with proper oral hygiene (speed-brushing, rarely flossing, etc). My dentist told me it was one step beyond gingivitis, prescribed me that medicated mouth wash, and nothing changed a whole lot other than my teeth getting stained. However, a few visits later, she talked to me about diet and how that affects inflammation in the gums and the body.

So far, I am SO pleased with the results! The toothbrush, brushing technqiue, and healthy mouth blend seem to be working. My teeth feel cleaner, look whiter, and I’m hoping my receding gums will start to look better soon. I wish I would have known about the bass toothbrush way earlier in life, but am glad I am getting started now. Looking forward to using your products and healing my gums!

Anna K from Illinois

I have been using the tooth brush and the solution for three weeks and I am estatic.

I can clinch my teeth with no pain. The loose ones seem to be less and less loose with each passing week. My gums feel delighted and my teeth are smoothly clean. My gums even look healthier.

I should have taken before and after pictures. I have periodontal symptoms(not claiming it as a disease)and the symptoms are fading like yesterdays disappointments.

Surely you have manifested a Divine blessing to all people. Thank you and I am testifying to everyone within ear shot!

Ayaba B from Silver Spring, MD

I have been using your Bass Toothbrush for about 7 months now. I had my first dentist visit in that time just a few weeks ago and for the first time in my adult life I had a painless cleaning with no bleeding gums. Mind you, I didn’t have any serious dental issues to start with but some minor ones. And I noticed a big difference. And so did my dentist who asked me to send her the info on the products I use.

I just started using your Healthy Mouth blend about a month ago, and so far, so good. I notice that if I skip flossing for a few days I don’t notice when I do where normally there would be some slight bleeding gums. The method of brushing with your toothbrush has really changed my mouth! Thank you!

Megan E from Sebastopol, California

I am so thankful I read the blog post that directed me to OraWellness. Since my husband and I are uninsured, it is vital we take preventive care seriously. Using organic products that support prevention of tooth decay and gum disease is critically important to us.

I am bless to have found your product. In just a few short weeks, my mouth feels healthier, my breath is fresher and my teeth feel clean all the time. I can’t wait to lavish your brushes on my children and see the positive results in their smiles! Thanks again for what you do.

Christa H from Allentown, PA

I can’t believe I’m saying this – but after trying these products (the brush and gum oil) I look FORWARD to the time of the day when I can brush my teeth! This sounds just absurd to me, given I used to dread it – but would do it out of obligation. The other night I was out to dinner and my mind wandered and I found myself wishing I was home so I could brush my teeth!

Thank you! This new oral wellness program I’m on is the BEST!

Tracy M from Warren, VT

Love your products and your personal customer service is awesome.

Fay W from Montana

I am surprisingly impressed
Surprisingly because I wasn’t able to find something (healthy) that helped with plaque as well as this
Finally !! This works and I love the taste I also appreciated instructional video
Toothbrush also is what I was looking for It’s perfect Now I can stop buying all kinds that end up in the garbage

Marie M from Texas

I am new to your products. I have just started using them in the past two weeks and already have cleared up a small abcess that has been there for at least six months. My mouth has never felt cleaner.

I ordered 5 toothbrushes and 3 bottles of the healthy mouth blend at first and after using them for one week I just placed another order for 12 more bottles and an applicator… Love these products. Would highly recommend to everyone.

Tammi L from Las Vegas, NV

So far we have used your toothbrushes, and I feel sure they do a better job of cleaning the teeth/gum line areas than other brushes.
I am thankful for your tutorials about the proper method of brushing there, so as to insure effective cleaning with minimal damage to the gums.

Ruth W from NY

I’ve been using Ora Wellness for a couple of weeks now and so far I’m really enjoying. It smells and tastes so good!

I’ve noticed that flossing is much more comfortable now that it’s been for me in a long time. (I’m putting a drop on your floss as directed). While flossing it seems to bring out “more stuff” than the floss that I was using before. Almost like it is dissolving what is there.


Aidan H from Ontario, Canada

I have a lot of auto-immune issues, adrenal fatigue, and basically everything is out of balance in my body. I’ve been struggling noticeably with various symptoms for at least 3/4 of my short life.

I still had fairly healthy teeth through all this, however. I wasn’t the best at flossing but I brushed up to four times a day. I recently have started getting more cavities and more stubborn and instant plaque build up and my gums have always bled. food gets stuck in my teeth and lodged in my gums more easily than it ever has, and my teeth feel like they move under pressure. I am also a heavy clencher, particularly when asleep. Many toothpastes, even the natural brands at the store have really begun hurting my teeth and they have become very sensitive, even too much so for the most sensitive toothpastes.

HealThy mouth blend and the basic brush have made it possible to brush my teeth more thoroughly again. Though I still have a lot of other issues to address from within before my teeth really start healing, I know I am being good to them and feeding them and not harming them by brushing and flossing with your products.

Aubree O from Arkansas

Firstly your informative videos gave me the courage to disagree with my dentists insistence on having a route canal procedure. I guess it’s still early days only a few weeks in, but I’m already noticing significant differences.

The whole family loves your HealThy Blend, it is by far my favourite of the products. My Mum has been using it too for the past few weeks and as she says ‘I just love the way it makes my mouth feel,!’

Arlene S from London, , England

my husband and I have been using the healthy oil blend for almost a year now. It completely reversed my gum issues with the assistance of other hygiene and diet changes.

Now I have my mother in law, father and sister using it too! Your wonderful products and eye opening educational materials are spreading!

Jenny D from Texas

I love using Orawellness essential oil blend on my teeth, it leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean. It also has made my gums healthier.

I also like the Bass Toothbrush as it seems to really clean and stimulate my gum tissue.

Kathleen S from Virginia

I learned about your Healthy Mouth Blend while reading some online blogs, and was intrigued by the whole concept. I finally purchased some, along with a Bass toothbrush. I have been using it now for about a month, and I am totally in love with it.
I think it is one of the greatest products I have ever used. I really enjoy the healthy, clean, refreshing feeling it leaves in my mouth. I have been using it all the ways you describe, with the Bass toothbrush and brushing technique, on dental floss, and in a mouth rinse.  I am going to recommend the Healthy Mouth Blend to all my friends, and I am also a nurse, so I’m sure my patients will hear all about it too. I think I am an OraWellness customer for life, because I can’t imagine every going back to conventional toothpaste now that I have tried this.
Thank you for creating this wonderful, healthful, all-natural product. I am so happy I found it.

Theresa L from Illinois

Just a quick note to say how happy I am with your products. I first heard of them on a blog and was so inspired by the raving review that I decided to try them myself. And glad I am I did, they are so good I cannot imagine brushing with toothpaste ever again, love the fresh and clean feeling I get from just TWO drops of your HealThy Mouth Blend.

Mati L from Valencia, Spain

I have been using the Healthy Mouth Blend for about 6 months and feel that my teeth and gums have improved. I was using another oil blend previously but feel that this is better in controlling the bad bacteria. Really like the Bass tooth brush also.

Clint S from Missouri

As a sufferer of MCS and allergies to formaldehyde and nickel I look to source products that are as natural as possible. I’ve had a go at making my own toothpaste and the result was good but it went off a bit quick and smelt decidedly yukky.

Your product though is fab. It tastes great, leaves my teeth feeling clean and I can feel good that I keeping chemical free. I was also impressed with your toothbrush which was lightweight and thorough.

Victoria O from Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom

Your products are great. My teeth are so clean now. I also like your toothbrush and the great information about how to keep our teeth healthy.

Rebeca T from Williamsville, NY

I can not believe what a difference 1 week of using your product has made.

I no longer have any sensitivity and there is no tartar build up either. My teeth have never felt cleaner.

I wish I would have found this product years ago.

Thank you so much

Terry J from Butler, PA

I am working on the new brushing technique. It make such sense. It takes a bit of getting used to. The oil blend is so refeshing and healing. I am so grateful to have less pain and having a new honest way to take care of my gums and not wear them as I have done in the past. The rounded tips on the tooth 0brush is a momumental success in progress.

Thank you for saving so many people from more suffering from wrong brushing. I have given away some products to my friends. With delight how fortunate I found your site. Thank you and bless you!

Lynda T from Calgary, Alberta, Canada,

I have receding gums and had seen your video on how to brush teeth. I started to use the technique using my regular, soft toothbrush. No matter how gentle I tried brushing my teeth my gums always felt sensitive.

I decided to invest in the Brass toothbrush and I love it! No more sensitive gums. Thank you for sharing your videos with the rest of us.

Leticia C from El Paso, TX

I am so appreciate of your work and of my awesome Bass toothbrush!! When I ordered it. my bottom front 4 teeth were loose and had some deep pockets forming at the gum line.

After only a couple of weeks of using this fantastic toothbrush, I noticed that the pockets were tightening up, as were my teeth. That has been many, many months, and I now have no more loose teeth or pockets.

I was amazed and am convinced that God led me to your website that day.

Also, because of the reasonably priced toothbrushes, I was able to get one for my sister and father, who are both having problems. I look forward to hearing about and seeing their results. I have no doubt that they will be positive.

Thank you so much. I can not even imagine how much money, and pain and suffering that your information and Bass toothbrushes have spared me!!!

Judy V from Cape Girardeau, MO

We LOVE the Bass toothbrushes ! So soft and our teeth feel so clean!

The oil blend is great tasting and my teeth and gums feel and look cleaner !

I give a toothbrush to my adult children and they love them too!

Jennifer Z from Newburgh, IN

I love how clean my mouth feels, and using the bass toothbrush along with your brushing technique has already helped my gum line!

Angela R

The Best Tooth Care Products We’ve Ever Used!

The drops keep our mouths clean and fresh, and the Bass toothbrush does the best job of gently and effectively cleaning our teeth.


So I added 2 drops to Toms mouthwash that has zinc. The next morning I realized plaque did not stick to my teeth, A M A Z I N G. And my breath stays fresh longer. Toms alone never kept plaque away so I know it is adding the drops.

The tooth brushes are amazing. I walk and brush for 20 minutes and whereas the germs use to appear immediately they are kept at bay for much longer periods of time

Debra T from Alexandria, VA

Since I’ve started using the Bass toothbrush, the amount of plaque on my teeth is much less than before.

It’s amazing how much difference the right toothbrush makes!

I’m looking forward to trying your other products.

Jeanette H from Milwaukee, WI

I never knew I could love something so simple as a toothbrush…but I do! My teeth feel cleaner and shinier and my gums are so happy with the softness! I am a fan for life!

Kristen B from Colorado

I have been using the products twice a day for brushing, flossing and sometimes as a mouth wash too. I have had a sore spot between my back two teeth on the left side for many many years. Dentists don’t find an issue that needs to be addressed but I know this can’t be normal. I am finding the soreness is starting to improve. I am encouraged and will continue to use the products in hopes for complete health in that area.

Alane W from Oklahoma

Having a teenager has many challenges. One of my challenges was convincing my teenager that using toothpaste with fluoride was dangerous for his health. He had done some quick internet searches and believed the fluoride hype. However, when I bought our first bottle of Heal Thy Mouth he began using it. He was also moved to watch some of the video tutorials. Now he is a convert to the Heal Thy Mouth Blend and Bass Brushing Technique. Thank you for helping my son to learn the truth and choose to use a product that will bring health instead of destroy it.

Diana M from Arizona

I ordered your toothbrushes and Healthy Mouth Blend and after trying them I gave one to my dentist and TOLD him to use it!

Your toothbrushes are the bomb! Not only do they clean my teeth better than my electric toothbrush, but my mouth doesn’t feel like it’s been assaulted when I’m done.

The Healthy Mouth Blend works will with baking soda to clean and freshen my breath so I no longer worry about running out of toothpaste.

I think I need to order more since I keep giving them to friends! Thank you for the great products!

Sarah P from Arlington, VA

Thank you for your recent help with an ordering SNAFU. The problem was on my end and you were quick to answer my emails.

Also, I want to let you know that my children and I really like your toothbrushes, both the junior and adult sizes. Finally, bristles that do not tear the gums apart. My children insist that their teeth feel cleaner, and the toothbrushes even hold up very well with my braces-wearing child. Thank you for the first toothbrush that is comfortable to use.

Sarah B from Illinois

Thank you so much for the tooth cleaning oil. Quite a long time ago I’d purchased your oral wellness kit and think it’s great.  I know my teeth and overall oral wellness is much better now.

Heather D from Hawaii

It’s become our routine. My 4 year old grabs the OraWellness, toothpaste, activated charcoal and says Zombie teeth mommy. Their smiles are brighter and no more bleeding for my 10 year old. I look forward to many years of oral health because of your products.

PS, we love the toothbrushes as well as the new method of brushing. I lay my kids head on my lap and brush using your method.

Lucillia O from Kansas

Your toothbrushes are the only ones that I have ever used which give me the feeling that I have REALLY cleaned my teeth. ( I have experimented with many).

Vlad S from Victoria, Australia

I recently bought a toothbrush from OraWellness. Admittedly, I was unsure and skeptical about it at first. However after using it the last few weeks, I can definitely tell a difference! I’m loving how clean my teeth and mouth feel!

Loree E from Tennessee

I ordered the Orawellness brushing blend and bass toothbrushes after my mom told me that every tooth in her mouth is a crown. She’s only 44! I knew I had to do something proactive.

I use the brushing blend every day, along with daily flossing, and my mouth feels fresh and clean, and I have much better breath.

Austin S from Washington, PA

I have seen a holistic dentist for the last 6 years and have used various natural toothpastes and mouth wash, even homemade toothpaste, but OraWellness seems much better to me.

I like the clean minty feeling of brushing with the oil, and the rounded sparse bristles of the toothbrush works well getting between my teeth and under the gum line.

The ‘proof of the pudding’, so to speak, will be at my next check up in July how well it really is working. Will let you know.

Kathleen S from Winchester, Virginia

I ordered your toothbrushes, as well as the HealThy Mouth oral blend.

For the toothbrushes – they are amazing! I saw how the brustles have rounded tips, as opposed to the scratchy toothbrushes manufactured by other companies. I wish I had known abou this sooner.

I also watched your video about how to correctly brush your teeth. It makes perfect sense!

I have also started using the oral mouth blend, which leaves breath fresh. I have incorporated all these into my daily routine & plan on stocking up on toothbrushes and oral blend.

Thank you for giving good advice about oral care.

Robin E from Tatum, NM

I have tried many different toothpaste throughout the years, I have even tried to make my own. Every toothpaste I tried either had horrible ingredients in it or didn’t do it’s job correctly. I have horrible teeth and always have.

This healthy mouth blend is the first thing that gets my teeth clean and actually seems to be helping to rejuvinate my teeth.

I used to hate to brush my teeth with hard horrible toothbrushes, but the bass toothbrush I ordered is by far my favorite toothbrush.

Overall I would recommend (and have recommended) the orawellness company and its products!

Amanda R from Wathena, KS

I ended up purchasing the adult and child brushes so I can reach all off of the aspects of my teeth. I have small teeeth in some areas, so the kids’ brushes reach better. I keep a small kit in my purse to freshen my brouth & clean my teeth when I m not home.

I have recededing gums, and this has stopped the bleeding in the gums andm which has been a godsend. I had been put off going to the dentist until my gums and roots stopped hurting so exceruciating and I am just anout about at that point.

While I occassionally use Sensodyne for pain, the Orawellneess has done much more for me over all. I simply cannot be without it. It also freshens my breath if I just need to clean my tongue.

The child’s brush really helps me reach the insides of my lower teeth, and I use a litte of the Orawellness on my gente tooth floss; As an aside, I have a 17 year old dog who is not able to have his teeth cleaned because he cannot go under anestethia due to a liver condition. It has helped cleanse and freshen his breath when I use a child’s toothbrush….when he allows me to do it 😉

Amanda B from Westerville, OH

I am so excited and relieved to have found this tooth brush!

As part of my effort to eat and stay healthy, I make a cereal every morning. After eating this cereal, I find that some of the seeds get stuck between my teeth. A regular toothbrush is very inefficient at removing these small particles. Moreover, the seeds then become stuck between the bristles of the regular tooth brush!

With the Bass tooth brush, the cereal is easily removed from my teeth, and the brush itself rinses off quickly and easily, given the space between the bristles, without having to pick at it with my fingernails! Thank you!

Katherine A from Eugene, OR

incredible. i’m never going back. my only toothbrush. no other kind exists to me anymore. all the wasted years, ruining my teeth. my mouth’s clean but not irritated at all. it’s a top quality product.

Sue B from Missouri

I love brushing with the Bass toothbrushes. They are the only ones that feel good on my gums.

Kelly L from Idaho

Hola, Wil and Susan, thank you for all your data. Truly helpful, I love my toothbrushes and have my mom using them too!

Thank you again, I’m so very happy with your websites articles all bring wonderful information, options and food for thought.

Mirna CB from Quebradillas, PR

After using the Bass brush and oil blend for a week, my lifelong stuffy nose and throat went away and my mouth have never been this clean!

I’ve convinced my father, a 30+ year practicing internist, to try it out for himself. So far, I love your products!!!!

Mitchell L from Celina, TX

I am relatively new to your product but I have already noticed that my mouth is much more comfortable and noticeably at night.

I used to get up to rinse my mouth two or three times every night but I am no longer doing that.

I wish everyone would use this as I think it improves your general health and I am anxious to have more of my family members try this.

Sherry D from Alton, NH

I love your toothbrushes. I am healing dental problems and they are really gentle. I use your method for brushing.

Your Healthy Mouth Blend is one of my fav things to use for toothpaste. Leaves my mouth fresh and i LOVE that the ingredients are all organic! I mean, how can i heal if i am poisoning myself with conventional products? lol.

thanks a ton for all you do! I would say that i am a small adult and the adult toothbrush is WAY TOO BIG for me and i can only use the children’s. Once i figured this out, i was much happier.

Kimberly C from Ypsilanti, MI

Love it so far. It really seems to get in n the back much better. We are all trying to do your method of brushing and like it so far.

Shayleen V from Davenport, IA

respect and appreciation to Dr. Bass for his discoveries, beneficial to all.

Mary P from Crowheart, WY

I do love your products. I tell all my friends about them whenever the conversation turns to gum & teeth problems. They have been impressed with your products and their results also.

Susan H from Spokane, WA

I would like to say that I am very pleased with the product so far. My family and I have been using it for a couple of weeks and I’m loving what I’m seeing.

The smell is amazing and the taste it leaves in your mouth is great! I have seen an improvement in my daughters breath in addition to her teeth getting whiter already.

Can’t wait to see the additional benefits of this product.

Ruby P from Riverside, CA

The Healthy Mouth Blend and Bass toothbrushes have been a mainstay in my daily mouth care routine. The Bass toothbrush tutorial on how to brush your teeth correctly showed me a new way to take care of my teeth, and I have benefited by it ever since.

I only wish I had found them sooner!

Gail V from Massachusetts

I started using the bass toothbrushes 6 months ago and I just absolutely love them. They fit in my mouth perfectly and are so easy to use. I had to switch back to a regular toothbrush until my new order came in. Let me tell you. I hated brushing my teeth with that thing. It was too big and so uncomfortable. I have grown so accostom to bass and how they feel. I really think they make my teeth healthier.

Denae Y from Texas

Had 4 pockets in my gums with (#4-5) and all are much better since using the herbal blend with floss technique- thank you soooo much!

Jo-Ann S from California

I’ve been using the Bass toothbrush for about a week now, along with the Bass brushing technique and love the results. The toothbrush is soft and gentle on my gums. I can feel it cleaning a lot more thoroughly than my previous toothbrush and the way I used to brush. It had some getting used to but I wouldn’t go back to my old ways.

Tijana D from Melbourne, Australia

Feels good to know that through your great products I am taking the reins back on my oral health!

Vanessa A from Florida

Thanks for this wonderful product. Even though I only used orawellness healthy mouth blend just once… here is what I felt in my first brushing with this product. First the brush is awesome, I didn’t bleed when I brush the gums, which is good for me.  My breath is so fresh. I have to say I will never go back to using regular toothpaste and toothbrush.

Saah N from Ohio

My dentist has seen a great improvement. I am a senior citizen. .so don’t think it’s too late to start… working on getting the children to start. ..then my granddaughter. .wish me luck.

Margaret H from Florida

love the mini toothbrushes they really help with my back teeth.

Will purchase more products from oral wellness in the future.

First got turned on by the company from my brother who buys products through your company as well.

Neressha C from Las Vegas, NV

I really like your product!

I have been using it for three weeks so far and have not really noticed any changes (I’m guessing it will take a little more time), but I do like the taste and the philosophy of remineralizing my teeth.

Anyway I like the brush that came with it and look forward to seeing improvement in my oral health.

Barbara K from Phoenix, AZ

It’s true what everyone else said. My teeth feel so clean. The videos were a nice touch too. It makes me feel that unlike most companies in the world today you really do care about people being healthier.

Stefanie H from Oklahoma

I heard about your products when learning to make homemade tooth powder. It was recommended to put drops of Healthy Mouth Blend on the brush first. But then I found the toothbrushes which I’ve given to others! I’ll never change back.
I also have enjoyed your trainings.

Deb S from Maryland

I am very much enjoying the bass toothbrush and the HealThy Mouth Blend. Thank you for the video instructionals on how to use them.

My mouth feels fresh and clean after I brush with them.

Christina V from Davenport, IA

I am very happy with your healthy mouth blend. I’ve been using it for a few months now, along with your toothbrush. I love all the scents in the tooth oil blend, especially clove oil, my favorite scent.

My teeth feel very clean and smooth after using. Thanks for creating a wonderful product that I will continue to use.

Linda B from Milton, MA

Your products are great. My teeth are so clean now. I also like your toothbrush and the great information about how to keep our teeth healthy.

Rebeca T from Williamsville, NY

I ordered the brush. So far, I have found that it’s quite effective at removing plaque on my teeth. I’ve only used it for 2 weeks, so I will continue to use it as and see how it fares.

Stephanie H from Payson, AZ

Despite the high cost of getting your product to the Netherlands, I am very pleased with the results! I use the product only a few days and it is fantastic!

Thank you so munch for everything! Sending it to the Netherlands ect.

Inka B from Alphen aan den Rijn, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

I’ve really been enjoying the HealThy Mouth Blend and Bass toothbrush I purchased recently. I have to wear a mouth appliance at night for TMJ and it used to be my mouth felt and smelled like death when I woke up.

Now it’s so much better using the HMB for brushing and mouthwash. Hoping it will help the gum that’s receding from one of my front teeth. Will keep you posted on that.

Alexia B from Salt Lake City, UT


How do I keep my toothbrush clean?

How often should I change my brush?

Rather than suggesting a specific timeframe to replace the Bass toothbrush, we suggest replacing them when they show signs of wear (which can be different for each person, depending on their brushing habits).

When the brushes lose their designed shape, they cannot perform the functions we want them to. So, we suggest replacing the toothbrush when the bristles begin to fray and frazzle and lose their shape.

While your Bass toothbrush is still in good shape, you can keep it clean using the steps in our article 3 Easy Ways to keep Bad Bugs from Growing on Your Toothbrush.

I get that the Bass Brushing Technique is focused on the gum line. Do I need to brush my teeth too?

Yes, in addition to using the Bass Brushing Technique to disrupt bad bugs along the gum line, it is important to also brush our teeth. You see, brushing our teeth removes plaque and prevents the bad bugs from eroding the tooth enamel.

So, what tool can we use for brushing our teeth?

As far as what toothbrush you should use for brushing your teeth, it’s really up to you to decide. Our Bass Toothbrush has rounded bristles and a shorter handle that prompts the user to grasp the brush with a lighter hand and use less pressure when brushing. These features will help you avoid etching your teeth and irritating the tender tissue of the mouth.

Some of our customers use the adult size Bass brush to clean the gum line and the junior size Bass brush to clean their teeth (especially hard-to-reach areas, like the inside of the lower front teeth), but that’s really a matter of their personal preference.

For more information, here is an article we wrote on 4 Reasons Why Brushing Is So Important. Also, our article Electric vs Manual Brushing, Which Is Better? – Part 1 explains the importance of conscious brushing.

Is this brush a soft-bristled brush?

Our Bass toothbrush bristles are medium firmness. You see, bristles with medium firmness are more effective at disrupting bad bugs in the mouth than bristles that are too soft (soft bristles tend to just mash against the teeth and gums).

Of course, brushing too hard can hurt the delicate tissue in the mouth, so any tool we use in the mouth can help or harm depending on our technique and whether or not we are using it with conscious awareness.

Our article Electric vs Manual Brushing, Which is Better? – Part 1 explains the importance of conscious brushing, and our article and video How to Brush Your Teeth to Reduce Gum Disease demonstrates how to do the Bass Brushing Technique.

What's the difference between the Bass toothbrush and other brushes?

Our Bass toothbrush has fewer bristles than most other toothbrushes. This helps the bristles to wiggle down along the gum line and clear away the bugs that cause gum disease. This is important because when there are too many bristles on a toothbrush, they are ineffective and just mash against our teeth rather than helping to disrupt and clear away the bad bugs.

Also, the bristles of our Bass toothbrushes have rounded tips to ensure that they are gentle on the gums. Many other toothbrushes have rough-cut bristles, and this can etch the enamel of the teeth and irritate the gums, which contributes to receding gums.

Finally, our Bass toothbrushes have a shorter handle. The handles are made shorter on purpose to provoke the user to grasp the brush with a lighter hand, like if you were holding a violin bow. This reduces the amount of pressure that our tender gums receive during brushing (brushing hard with firm pressure harms the gums more than it helps).

Our Bass toothbrushes work in harmony with the Bass Brushing Technique that’s described in our article and video How to Brush Your Teeth to Reduce Gum Disease.

What’s the best order to brush and floss?