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The Healthy Mouth Blend has removed tough stains from the surface of my teeth and stopped my gums from bleeding.

OraWellness is a prime example of a company that shows through their actions that they truly care about their customers.

Andre E from Pennsylvania

On recent business trip with my daughter, I noticed we were both using OraWellness products for brushing.

I’ve been using your products for several years and have given them to all my children and friends who are having dental issues. I really have confidence in its ability to clean without the toxic ingredients of toothpaste.

I’m also so appreciative of the tooth saving information I’ve received from the Orawellness website. It has helped me to sort thru the often erroneous information about dental health that exists out there.

Lyn R from Utah

I love OraWellness! Their products and information have made a big difference in my oral health.

I’ve suffered with receding gums for years and had tried everything my dentist suggested. None of it helped.

Since I’ve started brushing with the Heal Thy Mouth blend and the Bass brush and doing oil pulling in the morning, my teeth are cleaner, my breath is better, and my gums are happier than they have been in a long time.

In fact, after my last dental visit (something I always dread), I actually came out smiling because I was told my teeth and gums looked great.

Lynn C from Washington

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