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My daughter, Stacy, has had excellent results with your product. She uses it regularly and is a returning customer.

Our dentist is very impressed with the progress Stacy has made with her gums greatly improving and great checkups. The dentist went online, checked out your product, and ordered it for her daughter.

Cindy W (photo of Stacy) from Michigan

I’ve been making my own tooth powder for years, but I was surprised that my teeth were still turning yellow! There seemed to be quite a thick stained layer especially on my front two teeth. I thought a dental hygienist would need to scrape it off for me.

But after using Shine for a few days my teeth felt really smooth and noticeably whiter. Now after a few weeks I am so excited about the results! I do not need anyone to polish my teeth.

This stuff is awesome!!! It is remineralizing my teeth and making them SHINE!

Lisa G from Kentwood, MI

I have been a happy loyal customer for a few years now.  What I love most is my dental appointments are extremely short!! There is very little scraping, no cavities, no problems of any kind. My dental hygienist is so thrilled when she sees me. She praises me and talks about how she is always so surprised to see such a clean mouth consistently!

Thank you so much!

Monica R from Tennessee