This week we’d like to step back and take a broad view to find what may be the primary undermining factor that keeps each of us from living our fullest life possible with an optimized immune expression.

After all, without an immune system humming along in good rhythm, chronic infections like gum disease can continue to grow and undermine the health of our entire body. Continue reading

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This article is the second in the series on how to balance your oral flora and be a ‘good conductor’ for the symphony in your mouth.

In the first article, How to Balance Your Oral Flora, we introduced the oral microbiome and debunked the overly simplistic cultural myth that ‘all plaque (biofilm) is bad’.  Now we want to walk this story one step further and explore together whether some plaques may actually help our teeth stay healthy. Continue reading

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If we asked 10 people what the #1 cause of tooth decay is, how many different answers do you think we would get?

Let’s try it. :)

What do you think?  What’s the #1 cause of tooth decay?

Some will say tooth decay is caused from bacteria in the mouth whose waste is acidic and eats away at our teeth.

Others will say that eating sugar is the #1 cause because without the sugars in the mouth, the bad bugs wouldn’t have any food source to thrive.

People who believe the rhetoric on water fluoridation would say Continue reading

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A second title for this article could be “How to follow your heart to your optimal healing diet”.

What is the healthiest diet for humans is a subject up there with religion and politics.

Each side commonly takes up arms to ‘prove’ that ‘our side’ is right while exposing the shortcomings and vilifying ‘the other side’.

Plant based diet proponents argue that meat causes cancer and makes the body acidic while paleo leaning proponents argue that humans can’t get sufficient nutrition from eating plants alone and eating animals who bio-accumulate plant nutrition is the way to optimal health.

Even traditional diets seemingly disagree…

In India, the Hindi people have lived healthfully for many, many years on a vegetarian based diet high in fermented dairy products.  In contrast, traditional peoples living in the far northern latitudes who simply don’t have access to plant based foods for prolonged periods of time have thrived almost exclusively on an animal based diet.

In this article, we hope to get beyond the simplistic ‘right diet’ idea and find solutions that each of us can apply to help steer us toward a diet that supports our individual optimized expression of our genetic capacity. Continue reading

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With the holiday season upon us, we would like to give you two gifts.

First, here’s an interview with Dr Brandon Brock, a functional neurologist who is hands down the most knowledgeable person in medicine we have ever had the honor of meeting. Continue reading

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As holiday season comes into full swing, it seems that we are exposed to so much more sweet foods during this festive time of year.  It doesn’t matter if it’s cake at a company party, a paleo delectable, or a vegan live pie, being exposed to more sweets just comes with holiday season.

And with over indulgence of sweet foods comes the increased risk of canker sores.

If you aren’t familiar with canker sores, consider yourself very fortunate.  Those of us who must guard against the pain and tenderness canker sores cause are jealous.

There are many ways to get rid of canker sores naturally.  Here are a few easy home remedies to get rid of a canker sore fast. Continue reading

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A tooth abscess, also called abscessed tooth, is right up there with root canals, subjects that we all need to be aware of in order to have a clear understanding of what to do if we have an abscess as well as how to avoid ever having a tooth abscess.

Anyone who has ever had an abscessed tooth would tell you that they would have done anything to avoid the pain of an abscess.  In this first article on dental abscesses, let’s explore what causes abscesses and strategies you can apply to avoid ever having one. Continue reading

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Are you ready to go on an adventure?

This journey requires great courage and an open mind because today we want to explore with you beyond one of the most highly prized ‘sacred cow’ stories in our culture around oral health…

All plaque is bad.

It seems our culture loves to over-condense issues and subjects to their most simplistic form, right vs wrong, good vs bad.

Today we invite you to peer beyond this simplistic belief and understand that plaque isn’t good or bad, how some stages of plaque do play a role in tooth decay and gum disease, how other stages of plaque actually protect our teeth, and how you can be a ‘good conductor’ of the symphony in your mouth. Continue reading

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Is there a connection between receding gums, snoring, and feeling ‘less than energetic’?

Today we are going to put several pieces of the puzzle in place to not only greater oral health but whole being wellness.

In a recent article titled, ‘What causes receding gums and how to stop it’ (which happened to be our most popular blog article yet, thank you) we discussed that one of the major causes of gum recession is habitual grinding of teeth at night (called bruxism).

In this month’s expert interview we dive deep with Dr Mark Burhenne, a California based dentist who specializes in helping patients address sleep issues and author of the #1 amazon best seller “The 8-Hour Sleep Paradox: How We Are Sleeping Our Way to Fatigue, Disease and Unhappiness”, into the connection between bruxism (grinding teeth), gum recession, snoring, adrenal fatigue and sleep apnea. Continue reading

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Here at OraWellness we talk a lot about the importance of feedback loops…

Actions we can personally take to help know that we are heading in the right direction on our path to optimal oral health.

There are many things we can do in the comfort of our own home that provide us tremendous insight and feedback whether the actions we are taking to improve our oral health are actually helping or not.

We consider ‘getting to know your mouth’ to be the first step to dental self empowerment.  Also important is tracking your saliva pH as the acid/alkaline balance in the mouth provides us with a quantitative measure to actually see that what we are doing is helping or not.

However, part of what we call ‘dental self empowerment’ is knowing when to enlist the help of our dental team to assist us in gathering important, measurable information to determine that we are heading in the right direction.   Continue reading

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