What is the best floss on the market and whyHave you ever gone to buy dental floss and felt numb by all the choices? I recall feeling confused by all the options and had lots of questions come up.

Should I get the dental tape, the fluffy stuff, or even the flosser picks with the cute kid’s heroes on them?

Which one is going to remove the most plaque from between my teeth?

Which floss is going to hold up and not shred on that one spot in my mouth where floss always seems to snap?

I’m sure you have your own version of these questions…

So we decided to do an analysis of 12 national brands of dental floss, test them and rank them based on several criteria and share our findings with you.   We selected from a wide range of companies (from big brands to smaller, ‘healthy’ brands) and types of floss (from traditional waxed to tapes and picks) Continue reading

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Can thermal imaging technology serve as a screening tool to assist a person who questions if they have an infected root canal, cavitation, or other chronic dental infection?

Some of our most popular articles on our blog all focus on root canals and what you can do about them.

In our root canal series, we discuss issues like the fundamental problem with root canals, options if you have a root canal, as well as your options if you are told you need a root canal among others.

It’s always been a source of frustration for us to not have a tool to help folks identify which if any of their existing root canals are problematic.

You see, just because you have a root canal doesn’t mean you should have it pulled.  There are currently no better options than a natural tooth to function as a tooth. Continue reading

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Flosser picks have become very popular in recent years, especially for families with young children.

Manufacturers have touted their benefits as a great, fun way to get kids into the healthy habit of flossing by even putting children’s hero icons on the handles.  (Anyone up for a Dora flosser?)

But do these flosser picks really provide the benefits suggested or are they actually ingraining poor oral hygiene habits?

Here are our 4 main reasons why flosser picks are not a healthy floss option. Continue reading

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Each of us arrives on the path to greater oral health at our own unique place.  For some of us, it’s a fateful trip to the dentist where we learn something is wrong. For others, it may be something as simple as finding blood on your floss.

Bleeding gums is super, super common.  However, like we all know, just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s normal or healthy.  We often like to discuss bleeding gums as our ‘poster child’ for trouble brewing mainly because it’s so ‘black and white’.

In other words, it’s really obvious if your gums bleed when flossing or brushing.

There’s no second guessing whether gums bleed like with many other signs of trouble like swelling or a darker color to the gum tissue.  These less obvious signs just don’t easily provide us quick feedback whether we have infection at that spot in our mouth like bleeding gums does.

That’s why we talk so much about bleeding gums.  It gives us quick, no questions asked feedback whether we have active infection or not. Continue reading

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It’s easy to grasp the importance of regular oral hygiene to avoid mouth based issues like tooth decay and bleeding gums.

But when we stretch the discussion to whether regular flossing can lower our risk of a heart attack, understanding the link can get a bit fuzzy.

After all, where’s the connection between our mouths and our hearts anyway?

As you’ll see by the end of our discussion, having a healthy mouth is a great start toward having a healthy body.

Understanding the mouth/body connection…

In 2006, a team of researchers lead by Steven R. Gundry, M.D., of the International Heart and Lung Institute in Palm Springs, California did a study on 300 people who had moderate risk of heart disease. Continue reading

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Have you ever looked at your toothbrush under a microscope?

I have and it’s pretty freaky when you see all the little goobers clinging to the bristles.

Bottom line, a toothbrush is a great place for bad bugs to hang out, just waiting for another chance to recolonize your mouth.

What’s required to stop your toothbrush from being a petri dish to grow bad bugs is to simply understand what environment these bad bugs need in order to thrive.  By removing one or more of the conditions bad bugs need to survive, we can have the comfort to know that our toothbrushes are not acting as petri dishes.

The good news is it’s really simple to clean your toothbrush and keep it free from bad bugs without having to spend any money on one of those new fangled toothbrush sanitizers.

Here are three simple strategies to make sure your toothbrush is germ free. Continue reading

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Thankfully we get lots of questions from our community asking us what our thoughts are about a specific dental office or if we have any dentists in their local area that we like.

In our style of ‘teaching you how to fish’ rather than just answering whether we know of a good dentist in your area, we’d like to share 7 key elements that, when put together, create a ‘dream dentist’.

Now, realistically, you most likely won’t find a dentist in your area who applies all of our ‘dream dentist’ qualities.

However, it’s our hope that by sharing with you what we consider to be an ideal dental office, you’ll be more empowered to identify for yourself if your dentist is well suited and trained to help you and your family navigate to optimal oral health.

Let’s plan to walk through this ‘ideal dental office’ first from a mindset point of view then shift into more technical aspects of the tools the ‘dream dentist’ uses in his/her practice, and wrapping up with the foundation in holistic dentistry. Continue reading

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Our friend Dr Al Danenberg has 40 years as a dentist specializing in the treatment of gum disease (called a periodontist).  In 40 years, you can imagine that he has ‘been there, done that’ in the treatment of gum disease.

However, a twist of fate provoked him to question everything he ‘knew’ to be true regarding how to navigate the path to optimal oral (and whole body) health.  He had a stroke.

In 2013, Dr Al was introduced to ancestral nutrition.  And, he was ready to hear it.

He took on this new found information (essentially a Paleo like diet) with gusto and he has never looked back.  In the process, he has massively improved his own health.

But he didn’t stop there.  Continue reading

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We just returned from a trip to the mainland and, although we prefer to shop at small, local food shops, while traveling we did end up shopping at Whole Foods Market some during the trip.

While there, I noticed a fun marketing sign that read, “Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love”.

Going with this Whole Foods slogan, an alternative title to this article could be ‘How to brush your teeth like you want to keep them in your mouth for the rest of your life’.  But then I realized that it would be too long of a title, so I scrapped it. :)

Brushing our teeth on a daily (or twice or thrice) basis is one of the foundational practices necessary to navigate to optimal oral health.  And you’re right when you think, ‘Uh, isn’t that pretty self evident, Will?”

But how we brush our teeth is of critical importance to whether we will create a positive impact on the health of our teeth and gums or cause damage in the long run.  And, even more important than how we brush is why we brush.

In this article, we explore the 4 reasons why we should regularly brush our teeth.  Continue reading

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We’ve all been there many times…

We’re running late getting out the door to go to work, to the gym, on a date, so we drag our brush over our teeth for 20 seconds and promise our pearly whites we’ll make it up to them later. (err, scratch that, we probably don’t rush brushing our teeth before a date :-) )

A question we pose to you is this…

When was the last time you really cared for your teeth like you want them to stay healthy in your mouth for the rest of your life?

A secondary title for this article could be…

Whoever proclaimed 2 minutes was the ‘golden rule’ for brushing anyway?

Quick confession here…   Continue reading

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