As I write this to you, I’m currently flying back home from the mainland US (we are blessed to live in Hawaii).  I love airports because they are wonderful places to people watch.

While at the LA airport this afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice how most adults habitually wear long, tired, almost forlorn looks on their faces.

It’s tragic in a way because holding our facial muscles in a sad face position takes so much effort and inhibits our light from shining both within ourselves and out into the world.  Plus, smiling is so healthy for us!

I have a secret to share with you. Continue reading

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Why is it that some oral hygiene products have seemingly insane ingredients in them while others are made with natural ingredients?

Looking beyond profit margins and corporate darkness, how can some manufacturers actually think that their products are optimally helping when they contain ingredients that we consider to be ‘questionable’ at best?

Today, let’s take a close look at oral hygiene products.  Specifically, we want to explore the underlying reason why some oral health products are made with what we consider less than ideal ingredients.

We also want to ‘teach you how to fish’ by sharing with you a strategy so you can determine for yourself whether a product you are considering is going to optimally help you navigate to greater oral (and whole being) health.

In order to best explain the difference between the formulation process of oral hygiene products, let’s discuss what we consider the #1 oral health myth in our culture. Continue reading

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To continue on our current journey of sharing with you the really common oral hygiene questions we get from our customers, today let’s discuss a counter-culture idea that really deserves some careful thought: If we eat well, do we need to brush our teeth at all???

Q: I eat a paleo/primal diet and our ancestors didn’t brush.  Animals don’t brush or floss.
Do we really even have to brush our teeth at all?

Despite the obvious ‘yuck’ factor that comes with the idea of not brushing our teeth, we think this question really has merit. Continue reading

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We are blessed to get lots of questions from folks like you on topics related to oral health.

And while we do get really diverse questions about all sorts of oral health issues, questions around how to correctly brush our teeth are among the most common we receive from our readers.

While we love to dive into interesting, important and sometimes obscure topics like how oil pulling helps heal leaky gut and how smiling contributes to greater immune expression, today let’s go back to basics and discuss one of the most frequently asked questions we get around how to brush our teeth.

How to remove plaque from the inside of the lower front teeth. Continue reading

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You aren’t satisfied with the generally-recognized-as-true stories from our culture like,

“I get cavities because I don’t brush and floss enough”

Like us, you don’t settle for the ‘official’ story and seek to find the root cause.

When you really take a close look at the research, the root cause which provokes the breakdown in oral health which leads to tooth decay and gum disease tends to be Continue reading

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Let’s face it.  Getting our kids to brush their teeth can be a challenge.

Even more, we know how important it is for the child’s long term health to establish healthy oral hygiene habits.

Is it best to just pin the toddler down and brush their teeth?

What about just letting them do whatever job they do on their own?

What are some strategies that will support them long term toward developing healthy oral hygiene habits?

Following recent articles on children’s oral health including, “4 steps to help your kids live a cavity free life” and “Are dental sealants safe for children“, in this article, let’s dive into how to help your children establish healthy brushing habits. Continue reading

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There’s a certain clarity and comfort that occurs when modern research confirms what we know to be true in our hearts.  In this first of a series on the power of a smile, let’s explore how smiling makes us healthier and happier…

We all intuitively know the power of a smile.

It makes us feel younger, happier, and healthier.

Historically, Dale Carnagie is quoted to have said that a smile is one of our most powerful assets.  But what is the hard scientific impact of this ‘feel good’ habit anyway? Continue reading

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Three cheers for ‘do it yourself’ ingenuity!  We love the alchemy that can result when curiosity collides with a real need and a DIY (do it yourself) spirit.

Ready for an inspirational story how a young man safely (and successfully) created his own braces?

Recent articles on two common habits that cause crooked teeth and how to straighten your teeth without braces have created quite a stir in the past few weeks.

Understanding the root cause of issues like what causes teeth to be crooked can help us avoid expensive and potentially damaging procedures.  While we can do a lot toward avoiding the cause of crooked teeth, here’s a story of a young man who took matters into his own hands. Continue reading

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In a recent article titled ‘Can oil pulling help heal leaky gut’, we put more pieces to the puzzle in place regarding the central role that oral health plays in the health of the whole being.

Thank you to everyone who echoed back to us that you would like to hear about other mouth related strategies that help heal leaky gut.  Truly, hearing from you that you appreciate our insights and ponderings really helps us direct our study and focus toward subjects you find valuable.

Like we discussed in the first article on this subject, it can seem strange to consider a direct connection between the mouth and other seemingly unrelated areas and organ systems in the body.  However, once we set aside our mechanistic, over-compartmentalizing view of the body, we can see how what seemed unrelated is actually very connected.

The good news is modern research in functional medicine is rapidly confirming what ancient medical traditions from China and India recognized literally thousands of years ago… Continue reading

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Is it possible that a routine dental visit could actually increase the risk of tooth decay by making remineralization of surface decay more difficult?

We love our dentist friends.  They provide us so much clinical, ‘from the trenches’ insight to share with you.  Among the dentists we are so honored to call our friend is Dr Ellie Phillips. In her excellent book, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, Dr Phillips puts forward a premise that the method dentistry uses to probe for potential decay may in fact increase the risk of tooth decay. Continue reading

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