There’s a certain clarity and comfort that occurs when modern research confirms what we know to be true in our hearts.  In this first of a series on the power of a smile, let’s explore how smiling makes us healthier and happier…

We all intuitively know the power of a smile.

It makes us feel younger, happier, and healthier.

Historically, Dale Carnagie is quoted to have said that a smile is one of our most powerful assets.  But what is the hard scientific impact of this ‘feel good’ habit anyway? Continue reading

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Three cheers for ‘do it yourself’ ingenuity!  We love the alchemy that can result when curiosity collides with a real need and a DIY (do it yourself) spirit.

Ready for an inspirational story how a young man safely (and successfully) created his own braces?

Recent articles on two common habits that cause crooked teeth and how to straighten your teeth without braces have created quite a stir in the past few weeks.

Understanding the root cause of issues like what causes teeth to be crooked can help us avoid expensive and potentially damaging procedures.  While we can do a lot toward avoiding the cause of crooked teeth, here’s a story of a young man who took matters into his own hands. Continue reading

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In a recent article titled ‘Can oil pulling help heal leaky gut’, we put more pieces to the puzzle in place regarding the central role that oral health plays in the health of the whole being.

Thank you to everyone who echoed back to us that you would like to hear about other mouth related strategies that help heal leaky gut.  Truly, hearing from you that you appreciate our insights and ponderings really helps us direct our study and focus toward subjects you find valuable.

Like we discussed in the first article on this subject, it can seem strange to consider a direct connection between the mouth and other seemingly unrelated areas and organ systems in the body.  However, once we set aside our mechanistic, over-compartmentalizing view of the body, we can see how what seemed unrelated is actually very connected.

The good news is modern research in functional medicine is rapidly confirming what ancient medical traditions from China and India recognized literally thousands of years ago… Continue reading

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Is it possible that a routine dental visit could actually increase the risk of tooth decay by making remineralization of surface decay more difficult?

We love our dentist friends.  They provide us so much clinical, ‘from the trenches’ insight to share with you.  Among the dentists we are so honored to call our friend is Dr Ellie Phillips. In her excellent book, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, Dr Phillips puts forward a premise that the method dentistry uses to probe for potential decay may in fact increase the risk of tooth decay. Continue reading

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Why is there so much controversy on ingredients like fluoride, xylitol, and glycerin (not to mention all the ingredients we can barely pronounce) in commercial toothpastes and mouthwashes?

How are we as consumers supposed to determine if an ingredient in an oral hygiene product is safe to use from a whole body perspective?

Every week we are blessed to receive emails from people all around the world asking us what our thoughts are on various ingredients in oral hygiene products.  While it’s fun for us to research all the crazy stuff used in the market, in this article, we would like to share with you the process we go through to research any particular oral hygiene ingredient.  We hope this adds to your toolkit to make wiser, more informed decisions. Continue reading

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What do bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, skin issues, asthma, even migraines all have in common?

All of these signs, symptoms and diseases can all stem from compromised digestion, what is commonly called leaky gut.  Can oil pulling help heal a leaky gut?

Leaky gut, also known as intestinal permeability, occurs when foreign ‘stuff’ that shouldn’t get into our blood (like bacteria, fungi, parasites, even incompletely digested food) is absorbed through the lining of our small intestine into the bloodstream.

Once in the bloodstream, our immune systems jump into action to fight ‘the invaders’ and that’s good..

Yet as is common with leaky gut, Continue reading

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We get it.  We’re all busier than we’ve ever been.  And while the internet provides so much access to information, sifting through the noise online to find the insights and gems we seek on a specific topic can be a challenging prospect sometimes.

Yet with the recent explosion of new research around the importance of oral health for the health of our immune system and micro biome, caring for our oral health becomes even more critical to caring for the ‘whole being’ wellness of our families.

So, here’s a quick list of easy to apply steps each with a big ‘bang for the buck’ to help jumpstart your oral health habits today… Continue reading

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This week we’d like to step back and take a broad view to find what may be the primary undermining factor that keeps each of us from living our fullest life possible with an optimized immune expression.

After all, without an immune system humming along in good rhythm, chronic infections like gum disease can continue to grow and undermine the health of our entire body. Continue reading

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This article is the second in the series on how to balance your oral flora and be a ‘good conductor’ for the symphony in your mouth.

In the first article, How to Balance Your Oral Flora, we introduced the oral microbiome and debunked the overly simplistic cultural myth that ‘all plaque (biofilm) is bad’.  Now we want to walk this story one step further and explore together whether some plaques may actually help our teeth stay healthy. Continue reading

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If we asked 10 people what the #1 cause of tooth decay is, how many different answers do you think we would get?

Let’s try it. :)

What do you think?  What’s the #1 cause of tooth decay?

Some will say tooth decay is caused from bacteria in the mouth whose waste is acidic and eats away at our teeth.

Others will say that eating sugar is the #1 cause because without the sugars in the mouth, the bad bugs wouldn’t have any food source to thrive.

People who believe the rhetoric on water fluoridation would say Continue reading

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