In this article we hope to share with you what we consider to be a very profound process to help you navigate not only to greater oral health, but to improved whole body health as well.  In fact, without this relatively simple step, any efforts we take to create positive change in our oral health could literally do nothing or even lead us in the wrong direction. Continue reading

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Thank you so much for all the great feedback and comments regarding the first article on this subject of electric vs. manual brushing!

Now that we have established that how we brush our teeth is fundamentally more important than what tool we choose to use to brush, let’s jump into taking a closer look at several types of electric and manual toothbrushes to see how each of them functions best to help us create positive change in our oral health.

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We are honored that we were recently asked to contribute to an expert roundup on the subject of whether electric brushes or manual brushes are the better option for one’s oral health.  Like so much ‘news’ in these days which take the form of quick tidbits of information, we often find that such blog posts, while helpful, can often leave much information out of the story in order to appeal to the ‘Can I read it in less than 5 minutes’ internet mentality.

So, rather than just leave it with our ‘less than 50 words’ answer, we decided to give you our full discussion on the subject here! :) Continue reading

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Who doesn’t enjoy a warm drink in the morning?

The desire to have something warm in the belly first thing in the morning seems to be a universal human desire. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, starting our day with a warm drink supports a healthy stomach, spleen and pancreas which gets the ball rolling for a healthy day… year… life!

The dilemma is that I don’t want to tweak my adrenals with coffee, dose myself with fluoride from tea, or spike my blood sugar with hot cocoa. So, what’s left???

I have a confession to make… Continue reading

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With Halloween just past and the holidays quickly approaching, many wonder what we can do to support greater health (including oral health) in our children and our homes.

Here is an easy, quick tool that drastically supports greater oral health while increasing our immunity as well!

Just to make sure weʼre all on the same page, letʼs cover the statistics according to the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research.

  •  92% of adults have tooth decay
  •  42% of children have tooth decay
  •  greater than 90% of adults have gum disease
  •  65% of 15 year olds have active gum disease (YIKES!)

So, given these sad stats, what can we do to support our children in creating greater oral health for their lives?

How saliva benefits oral health…  Continue reading

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We wrote a rather inflammatory article a couple months ago about why we stopped drinking kombucha.  Fundamentally, the article addressed the potential amount of fluoride in tea and therefore kombucha.  Here’s a link in case you missed it.  In publishing this article we learned SO much about how we want to blog and how we don’t want to slant our articles.  We quickly want to explain what we learned so you can better understand where we are coming from with this article titled, How to drink kombucha and NOT destroy your teeth.

Here is what we learned… Continue reading

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We just received an excellent question from a new customer that we enjoyed answering so much, we realized that there would be others who would also benefit from reading our answer.

This customer asked, “Just wondering when a person would start noticing changes to their gums?  I know everyone is different, but what are the quickest results you have ever heard?”

So, we chose to answer the part about quickest results first, then go into more detail regarding when a person will start noticing positive changes to their oral health.  Here is our answer to this excellent question…

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This is the third article in our series addressing the questions we have received around the controversial subject of root canals.  In our first article, we focused on the relative risks of root canals that several dentists and doctors have brought to light over the past 100 years.  The second article focused on the options a person has if they currently have a root canal.  In article two, we essentially address the question, “I have a root canal, what are my options?” Continue reading

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I wish this were a more fun subject to be discussing.  However, we have received so many questions about root canals and positive options available, we want to address this subject for you.  For the sake of clarity, we WAY prefer to write about solutions that are purely positive rather than weighing the risks and downsides of various options like when pondering options if a you already have a root canal.

This is the second article in the series we are writing about root canals.  Here’s a link to article one, understanding the issues of root canals. Continue reading

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The procedure we’d like to discuss and bring to light today is a procedure that most practicing dentists, biological/holistic or not, literally do multiple times each work day.  I encourage to us explore together the impact that the simple filling on the chewing surface (called an occlusal filling) can have on the long term whole body wellness of the patient.

To really consider the whole body implications of the occlusal filling on our whole body health, we have to get a strong grasp on the relationship the teeth play with the various internal organ systems in our bodies.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has long been very aware (and has meticulously charted) that each of our individual teeth relate to specific organs in our bodies.

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